Affidavit for Identification

I need someone, a Solicitor I think to draw up Affidvid Papers, for me, just so I can swear that I am the same Person, as all the different names on my Identification. My passport for example, says Kate, but my Birth Certificate says Katie, and my Drivers lisence, is somehow missing my Middle name, with only an Initial.

I am Immigrating here, from Australia, and I need it, just to Conduct a Police Clearance here.

Advice is Very appreciated!

Hi Kate

Just found this thread as my wife is going through exactly the same process with exactly the same errors on Passport, Birth cert, Marriage cert etc. We have been told we need to go to a Lawyer to get the Affidavit done and then to the Courts with two witnesses, not related, to swear under Oath. Can you or anyone confirm this is the process.  Hope you got it done by now   ;)  ..............

This is the Incorrect Process. You need an Affadavid, but it’s not a Criminal case or anything, so the Witness are Not Needed. I was given, the wrong advice, about needing 2 x witness. I know a Solicitor in Port Louis, who can Prepare this for you, at a low fee, you Still need to attend the Mauritius court House. Do you want their Contact Details? I’ll check, if they are available. Cheers, Kate

Pls call Solicitor Yogina Yerriah, on ***. I’m from Australia, and your Wife?:). They have a Nice little Office, in Port Louis. Witness, not needed. This is another, kind of Affidavit, a more Serious one.


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Hi Kate

Thank you for clarifying and the contact, that makes it so much easier hopefully. Will give her a call probably next week now. We are both Irish but spent some years in Australia before coming here. Even no witnesses helps I thought the two witnesses was a bit excessive alright.

Again many many thanks


I'm in the same position with affidavit to make prepare regarding discrepancy between name on passport and birth certificate :/
Can also ask you the information to reach Mrs. Yogina Yerriah?

Thank you in advance!


Hi Alexel,

Sure. Yogina is on: 5780 6827.
Solicitor in Port Louis.

Very nice lady.
She, is in Lockdown, at the Moment,
but you can call, her and see if she can start to, help you from Home.


Hi Alexia,

Sorry, Number is: 57086827.


I’m in a potentially similar situation as I’m applying for my passport and my fathers name and my name are different on our birth certificate. I was told an affidavit from the Supreme Court in Mauritius is what they will accept. Does this solicitor help with this?

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