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I am a Scottish national now residing in Mauritius as I am married to a Mauritian. I am looking for some advice on how to become a lawyer/paralegal/legal advisor in Mauritius.

I completed my LLB law degree at the University of Glasgow and obtained a 2.1. I have not completed any further study but worked as a paralegal for 2 years. I have been looking for legal jobs in Mauritius but there seems to be few vacancies available.

I spoke to someone at the University of Mauritius and was told that I should complete the Law Practitioners Vocational Course if I wanted to qualify as a lawyer. However, after speaking to someone at the Council of Legal Education I was told not to do the vocational course as I would only need to sit the bar exam at the Council. In order to sit the bar I need to have Mauritian citizenship first (which I will only get after residing in Mauritius for 4 years). I have contacted law firms with regards to completing internships but no one has gotten back to me. I have also contacted various organisations such as the bar association and the careers service for information which have been of no help. If anyone has been in a similar situation or has any advice it would be greatly appreciated.

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If you do the Law Practitioners course in Mauritius then you need to be a Mauritian citizen.
If you plan to be a barrister, i would advise you to do the bar training in UK, France which is more easy when compared in Mauritius.
After completing the UK bar exams then you need to apply to legal firms or to senior counsel for a 9 month pupillage with them in Mauritius. Then you can become a barrister after this pupillage.

If you want to be a notary or a sollicitor, then you are obliged to do the bar at the University of Mauritius which is a 7 month course.

Thanks for your reply.

Do you know what the 7 month bar course for solicitors at the University of Mauritius is called just so I can gather some further details?

In Scotland to qualify as a solicitor you have to complete the diploma in legal practice and 2 years traineeship with a law firm. If I decided to do this in Scotland would I be able to come back to Mauritius and apply to qualified solicitor jobs or would there still be other requirements that need to be met (such as doing the bar course/pupillage)?

The course is called LPVC meaning Legal Practitioners Vocational Course.  The same course applies to barrister also.  Both barrister and solicitors have the same exam papers as they follow the same courses and modules.
Only the choice of profession is different.  That is when you are sitting for the exam, you just tick you want to become a solicitor on the paper that will be served to you before exams sitting.  And if you pass, then you become the solicitor.

If you plan to become a solicitor, then you are obliged to undertake the LPVC in Mauritius.
If you have sit for a solicitor course in UK or Scotland, the bar council in Mauritius will not accept this to allow you to practice as a solicitor

Okay, yeah that's the same course the University told me about but as you said I would need to be considered a Mauritian national first before being admitted to the course.

Thanks for your help :)

Hi. In my opinion the easy first step is to contact a few law firms and seek Internships which would get you going.

I can make you get in touch with a friend who is an Attorney-at-law.

Hope this helps.


Hi Jude,

That would be great, could you message me their details!
I have emailed a couple of firms but they dont reply.

Thank you,


call them directly. Writing Emails is like playing lotto. :) Or visit the court at Port Louis in the morning.

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