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Good afternoon,

My name is Regina, i am planning to move to Mauritius.

I would like to discuss  all stages of work permit process:
1.  Insurance of health and academic education
2. Work permit
3. Residence permit
After that 3 major items, there are still points to do or not?  That to stay in Mauritius legally.

I'll be very grateful,if you answer.


How come you've posted that you already have a work permit on this thread ?: … 16#4323945

You have the info here:

Good evening, External.

Thank you for your answer, I am just intersting  about that again. Because I did not receive an answer about residence permit.

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The FAQ section could be helpful: … fault.aspx

I wish to express my appreciation for all your efforts.

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Dear Redgina

Though somewhat late, I would still like to bring in some clarifications, with a view to sparing you from unnecessary misconception which could affect your project/dream to come to work in Mauritius under a Work Permit.

The first and foremost requisite is for you to either have a rare or even unique expertise in some specific line or have expertise in a line where there is scarcity of labour here, but which conditions of employment are quite tough, such a textile factories, and other manufacturing operations, where the monthly income hardly exceeds € 350.

Having said so, there is need for some Employer based in Mauritius to handle all the procedures to make come to work under a Work Permit and this usually takes around three months after your prospective Employer and you have agreed on terms.

Another channel is to be employed under an Occupation Permit, in which case your prospective Employer needs to pay you except if you are in the IT sector, not less than € 1,500 per month.

Hope this enlightens you.



Basic stuff to know:

(a)  Occupation Permit: salary MUR60k a month minimum. MUR30k if in IT sector. Application is made while applicant is in Mauritius on a business visa

(b)  Work & Residence permit: salary below the Occupation Permit level. Applicant not to be in Mauritius during application and processing.

Work permit can also be a solution if you open a business but do not fit the Investor category for Occupation Permit (investment of USD100,000).

Do they still conduct health checks for occupation permit? I have received an offer however I am positive but undecteble would this be a problem?

Starting page 24 on this site: … t-2018.pdf


Some key notes:
• All the tests results should be submitted to a local doctor who will issue a medical certificate after an examination. The medical certificate and the reports for the three tests done in Mauritius (HIV, Hepatitis B Surface Antigen and chest x-ray) must be submitted at time of application.
• No application for Occupation Permit will be accepted if there is evidence that the applicant is suffering from any infectious or contagious disease.

thank you

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