Expired permesso di soggiorno .. urgent help please!!

Hello People, it's almost an emergency like situation here. my brother's permesso di soggiorno is expired on 21june 2018. and now he is without job because employer (my relative turned into fraud) told him to go and support himself. I just want to know that can he apply for "Jobless extension of permit of stay" (don't know the Italian equivalent but heard it's possible) ?? please let me know... employer didn't even give him 1 euro as a salary in 10 months.yes such persons exist. I'd be very thankful to hear from you.

Hello Arman,
  If your brother had a regular contract and paid taxes then he might have a chance, but if he did not pay any taxes then he needs to leave the country before they catch him as he will be deported and his chances of entering the country will be zero.
  Renewal of permit stay needs to be done before expiration date with documents showing that you have a job or that you are waiting to get one. In this case the permit is already expired and there is no job offer hence there is no solution.

he had regular contract but since employer paid him nothing so he didn't pay any taxes. can you please explain about "permesso di soggiorno senza lavoro" type of visa? i think it's for these types of situations..

Your brother should have reported this fact while he still had a regular permit stay. "Permesso di soggiorno senza lavoro" would be for asylum seekers, or people living with relatives who can look after them and hence guarantee on their behalf. However in this case your brothers permit has expired and it was given because he had a job at the time, and moreover he did not pay any taxes so he does not even have a right to get any help (unemployment benefits, usually 3 months). He should have used that time to look for a job. As it has expired he needs to leave the country as soon as possible because otherwise he will be banned even from getting a visa. Italy is now in a situation of zero tolerance so if he has no job he needs to go back home before he gets caught. As i said before he should have asked for renewal before the permit expired, and even still it would have been rejected as he was not paying taxes. Why would he even want to stay in a country with no job? Most tax payers in Italy elected the new government mainly to deport people like him. If he has no job i advise you to get him back home because once he gets on the black list then he will have issues in any other european nation.

thanks for explaining. i understand your point but can he at least try in Questra in his city Rome? i mean he can try to convince them and asking them not to deport him but he would go on his own behalf almost immediately??

The permesso di soggiorno processing is a centralised system and there are strict laws, its not about convincing anybody as the information is transparent (they can even catch you in any other european country). Once they put his information in the system they can tell that he did not pay taxes and in fact they could even arrest him instantly because at this time he is illegal. He has no chance and if you are following the news in Italy you should know this. Get him on the flight back home, find a job and apply again. There is nothing much you can do - its about the law.

ok.. I'll talk to him about coming back home. it's very heartbreaking since my relatives took 12000€ from us for all the work.. plus never paid any salary to him in 10 months. they did this to many people from India. can my brother and other victims can cause trouble for my relatives through NGO or Immigration office in Rome or it's more risky for them to leave Italy if it backfires?

If your brother had denounced this situation while he had a regular permit stay then it would have been fine, however, it is a well known fact that foreigners pay large amounts to persons here to get them in the country. Now if your brother was hired legally by your relatives then they need to pay his taxes soon or later otherwise they will be fined (within 5 years time) - that is, assuming your brother had a registered legal contract. There is nothing your brother can do to harm these people if they have legal documents.

sorry for bothering you.. again..
he left is job today only. and as you said they must have paid brother's taxes ( they hired him legally). so is there any chance that officials can check the taxes in database and grant him extension to find a job?

If they paid his taxes then he could be able to prolong his stay for 3 months in which he needs to find a job. If he is sure they paid his taxes then he can present himself, but he should know this because he should have declared his taxes in "agenzia delle entrate".

thanks a lot!!! I'll talk to him tomorrow and will come back here with more information. thanks again.

Hi Aman6677,

Usually if a permit is given for a limited amount of time, this is because the immigration office has decided not to accept that person for longer than a certain period unless very good reasons apply.

Sometimes people are requested to go back to their original Country to apply again.

Even if the situation is quite tough, we can see if there are some reasons for him to apply, but I need to speak to him and ask him a few questions.

Please contact me privately if you need further help.



Dear Aman,

One more thing - Please do not pay money to anybody who promises to get you a permit stay and avoid things done privately. If you need information ask openly in the group. There are many Italians who like to profit from such situations. If an Italian asks you for money denounce them. If you are scared to go to police, ask here anonymously - there is all the information you need on the site: Ministry for internal affairs.

so here is the thing. i talked to my so called Relatives today via video call and he accused my brother for not doing work properly ( which is an excuse to send him from his bakery or even back to India) .. he gave him 7 days to "improve" his work till coming Tuesday so that he will reconsider his permit. if not he will give him mere 150€ and send him away for whatever he can do for his living. I'm thinking about the worst.. so please tell me that if he wants to buy return ticket to India after 7 days would he be able to do that normally? like ... expired permit thing won't cause any trouble like arrest or deportation tag??
edit- Employer talked pretty rudely so that made me think that he won't think about permit but that 150€ and go thing.

Hello Aman,

  At this time it doesn't really matter what your brother does as he is currently illegal (expired permit). To get a renewal of permit stay your brother will still need to show his tax declaration records and job contract.  You need to consult the site of the ministry for internal affairs to get all the necessary information and make a wise decision. The requirements are straight forward and thats all the police needs, not all the lame excuses coming from your relatives.

Your brother has no problems leaving the country if he has a valid passport.

thanks Queenjay.

I'll write further updates here. thanks again.

so finally they agreed to apply papers for him. pheww!! thanks a lot you guys!!

Hello Queenjay, his first fingerprint at questra in rome is on 3 oct. can he change his employer after that??
please do reply

Hi can you give information .
My name is Raheemullah mohmand . Ihave got it permesso de soggiorno in italy . On 2016 untill 18.02.2017 and its havet expired . But the problem . I was in preason and i am outside in another europ country. Is it impossiblety to reniew permesso de soggiorno.
Please answer me back as soon.

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