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Added on 25/09/2023
Provincia de Florencia
Added on 05/08/2023
Everything you need to know to work in Italy
Starting a business in Italy
Are you interested in moving to Italy and setting up a business here? Italy's reputation for bureaucracy and structural problems has historically disadvantaged the country, with potential foreign investors and expatriates looking to start a business here. However, in recent years, the system and procedures have been simplified, and many businesses, including start-ups, have emerged.
Working in Italy
Are you looking to move to Italy and find a job there? In this article, we will give you tips for starting your job hunt it Italy, applying for a job, and preparing for the recruitment process. Italy has a particular job market in which it is sometimes difficult to find a place.
Finding work in Milan
Milan has always been the economic capital of Italy. Renowned for its fashion, design and service industries, particularly banking and finance, it has weathered the global crisis by remaining one of Europe's leading financial and commercial centers. Milan continues investing heavily in finance and consulting and pioneering new sectors such as biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.
Working in Turin
Like many industrial cities in northern Italy, Turin has weathered the effects of the global economic crisis. Employees in the city continue to enjoy a higher income on average than in the rest of the country, except in Milan, which is considered the economic capital of Italy. Furthermore, although the cost of living in Turin is higher than in smaller provincial cities, it is significantly lower than in larger cities such as Milan or Rome. If you are considering a work experience in Turin, we will give you some tips in this article to plan your move in the best way.
Internships in Italy
In most European countries, internships play an essential role in shaping education and giving young people valuable work experience. By moving to Italy, you will have the opportunity to develop your global skills in a country renowned for its arts, fashion, gastronomy, automobiles and technology.
Working conditions in Italy
Unless you have decided to move to Italy for retirement or study, you are probably looking for a job to support yourself. This article contains all the essential information you need to know before your move: the formalities for working in Italy, the most prominent sectors, wages and benefits, useful resources, and regulations, among others.
Office Manager - Part-time
CP-DL Capolino-Perlingieri e Leone
Permanent contract
Added on 27/07/2023
Province of Rome
Added on 10/07/2023
2000-5000 Euros
Added on 16/01/2023
Volunteering in brotherhood
Ass. unione Africana Campania
Added on 01/11/2022
we cook and eat together
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Piano di Sorrento
Added on 25/09/2023
150.000 Euro per year
Added on 24/09/2023
2000 euro al mese
Added on 24/09/2023
Added on 10/09/2023
Added on 09/09/2023
Permanent contract
Added on 06/09/2023
Added on 05/09/2023
Added on 04/09/2023
Added on 31/08/2023
Roman Catholic diocese of Imola
Added on 31/08/2023
Added on 26/08/2023
Added on 26/08/2023
Added on 24/08/2023
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