Conversion of Student Permit to Work Permit & PartitaIVA

Dear Members,

I have a query, I am a masters student in milano Italy. Recently, I got selected for a job in Italian company but i don't recieved any signed paper from them yet.

The issue is my valid permesso di soggiorno is of a student status and the company HR told me this on email " As Employer, we can provide you a Letter with details of employment terms, as soon as you will send me a proof of renewal of you Permesso di Soggiorno (WORK VISA), and you will be ready to move from Milan to Vicenza. "

As i still have time to graduate so i cannot get cerco di lavoro. So is there a way I can apply for conversion from student visa to normal full time work visa ?

If not, then can I work with PartitaIVA as a regular employee within this orgzanization from 9 am to 5pm, Monday to friday as a regular employee ofcourse with a different ontract and can pay my taxes via commercialista at the end of year ?

Thanks & Warm Regards

Thanks for the question!

I have exactly the same query so looking forward for the solutions.

I dont reside in Milano, but this is my managerial suggestion:
Contact the organization that provides the Visa and show them your Letter of Hire.  Tell them you are still in school and that you are taking the position.  You need to have the correct Visa to start the job on such date 2021 and ask them to provide the visa or acceptance to receive the Word Visa as soon as possible so you dont lose your new job.