Job opportunities in calabria....

Me and my boyfriend currently live in Essex, UK and I was wondering what kinda jobs there was in and around the Calabria region of Italy.

My boyfriend is a landscape gardener with an excellent knowledge of Latin. I am currently employed as a barmaid and cashier in a betting shop.
We are considering the move but have no idea about work and the jobs we might be able to get when out there.

Although we would love to move to Calabria we would consider another part of italy if the job prospects were any better.

If any has any advice i would be extremly grateful.


Hi there,

I don't know if this could be of interest to you but I live in UK but also have a house in Calabria so spend a fair bit of time there.  I have a business and am looking for some bright enthusiastic and hard working people to develop it both in UK and in Italy. I am not offering a paid position but rather a business opportunity with full support and training.
Have a look at my website and see if it might help you to move to Calabria (or any other part of Italy.)
Kind regards
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my advice would be stay in ENGLAND and Calabria for the hols

Stay in England, there is  no jobs in Calabria, rather there is the biggest percentage of unemployment in Italy. Or you can try North, like Bologna, Milano, Veneto region etc.