Any American Psychologists (PhD/PsyD) moved to Italy?

I am currently a third year in my clinical psychology doctoral program (PsyD). I am very much wanting to find a path to Italy and curious if any American psychologists have made the move? At this point, one idea I had was to consider a teaching position at an international school so I can teach in English. For those who have made the move, where did you find work? What kind of work was it (clinical, research, academia)? What the licensure process like? How hard/easy was it to find an employer to sponsor a visa? Were you already fluent in Italian before beginning the process? Any and all information would be so so helpful. Thank you!!!

Hello,I have been trying this for years, but it does not work! I had to leave! So don't waste your time!!! It'd be fine if you can make it for a short period as an experience. But do not think about moving to Italy expecting to stay and work specially in the academic area!If you want you can check this link  ... try to write them and see if they can give you a teaching job.Good luck!

@hpatel5298 My therapist is an Italian citizen who did all her training in the US, including analytical training with the Jung Institute in Denver. She was in clinical practice for years and also had a teaching position. Then she returned to Italy because her parents were ill. She had to completely re-do her doctoral training in clinical psychology in Italy in spite of her clearly superior training and experience in the US.  She is also a dual citizen--Italy/US.

Are you prepared to do that??? You will also have to be fluent in Italian to get accepted in a doctoral program in Italy.

Actually Italian doctors have to go through the same thing when they try to find work in the US.  Some of them complete the transition, others take lesser positions in health care.