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I'm a undergraduate student from Bangladesh. I want to live and work in Italy. Now, Italy open work permits for my country. But I need a job offer to get a visa. So, how can I get a job offer letter from Italy.?

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With the Covid_19 in Italy you will find it virtually impossible to find a job there. I suggest you go online and search for a job in your area of expertise. You will need to have Italian language skills too.

;) Hi there,as already written rite now it'is the worst moment to move abroad searching for a job.
Even if you have a job offer ready for you it gets awful complicated just moving with all the restrictions and quarantine stuffs.By the way,I guess the best move you can do at the moment is to search in Bangladesh some fellow citizen'relatives or friends already working in Italy that may help you in finding job or info to ease you search.I presume you probably don't speak any Italian at all,find a job here in Italy where English is wide spoken is quite difficult,you should expect to get some humble employment as herdsman or shepherd or similar ( forget about dishwaher waiter and so,restaurants and hotels all close) where you don't need to speak Italian.That's it for now,I hope you can have some luck. :top:

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I am working continuously 18 years like storekeeper Dubai UAE i am interested for this job i am Hard worker person from India

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Please note that no one is offering a job on this thread.

If you are looking for a job, please refer to the Jobs in Italy section of the website by browsing through the as and creating your CV.

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@rakeshadlan Unless you have some serious professional qualifications, some degree of some sort, papers authorizing you to work in Italy  and a company offering you a contract I strongly suggest you revise your plans cause its very very difficult to obtain legalization in Europe.

Europe is submerged with immigrants of all sorts and you come from a big rich country.

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@thierrylabbe hi my name is Mamun. my nationality is Bangladeshi. now my current workplace in Kuwait

@Abir1998 hello hi bro..I am a Bangladeshi now I am working Kuwait. your problem my problem same to same. please contact me