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Hello everyone!
I am currently living in Italy but I am dentist so I can't work here as dentist without qualification from ministry. I began to this processing but ministry haven't replied me yet. I was thinking to work as dental hygienists but in Italy hygienists have to have certification or diploma by any university. I am literally in predicament. Do anyone know that what if work here if you are foreign dentist? By the way I have Italian master degree...
is there anyone dentist moved up to Italy from non European side?
This period is highly hard and stressed for me. If one may help me, I will be super happy!

Hello dear

Hello dear, if u got your answer could you help me also?

Any idea salary of a dental technician

charlesumoh79 wrote:

Any idea salary of a dental technician

A Google search will find out for you.

@Serena Halac have you got your answers?

@Serena Halac I am also in a similar situation, have you got your answers?

Hello Jagan,

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