Teaching English in Italy...?

I'd like to find a job teaching English in Italy, however, I just wanted some advice from anybody who has ever done this before...
What was your experience like of teaching English in Italy?
Any tips/advice?
Thanks in advance :)

You will need a CELTA to teach nearly everywhere now or an equivalent certification.

As has been said a simple TEFL qualification especially that on line has been superseded by CELTA or even DELTA  in some situations.

A lot of teaching is still on line and actual college teaching is rare.

The schools like teachers who can covers all age ranges and who are flexible on hours.  Over 50s are not particularly welcome as they can be troublesome and cannot react very well with the younger elements.

The pay is relatively low so it is best to come over with some savings as a deposit on a flat.

However it makes a wonderful  way to introduce oneself into Italian society and one's fellow teachers can become friends for life.

I came here three years ago after having done my CELTA in Veneto. You don't say so explicitly, but assuming you have a permit to work, there is a lot of work teaching, Mother tongue assistant contracts pay very well and there is a dearth of qualified teachers, so in the "season" at the beginning of the school year almost too much work. I haven't found any problems (being well over 50!) and I think both teachers and students are glad to have a competent language teacher, regardless of age, and in all cases I have felt valued and welcomed.


I am looking for a job in Milano. I have a BSc Degree. I recently completed a one year contract in Milano.  I am fluent in English and other languages too. I also have an Intermediate level of Italian and German. If you have any leads please let me know?

I have a CV in both English and Italian.

Looking forward to hearing good news.



Things are very rarely so black and white. My wife is over 50, has no teaching qualifications, and has been teaching in the schools for 4 years. I'm not saying it's easy, but it's not impossible. As usual in Italy, so much depends on who you talk to and how you develop relationships ;)


Very interesting and true.

Does she teach within Milano Metropolitan?

I have uploaded an Ad will see how it progresses.

Sorry, we're in Umbria. It's not as competitive as somewhere like Milan, which is probably why she managed to get the gig.
Good luck with your application

Many thanks for your kind wishes.

Oh, so now I get it.  Yes Milan is quite far off and the dynamics are very different. Though I still believe that if a job is meant for you, no matter the location or circumstances surrounding it, one can still get it.  My very best wishes to your dear wife.  Have a great evening and rest of the week.  Keep well.


Hello. I'm interested to know if you are still teaching in Italy? I'm a 52 year old Australian and I am thinking very seriously about teaching there within a few years. Can you offer me any tips or advise?

I am particularly interested in how I would obtain a working visa to stay there for an extended period of time.

Thank you!