Looking for work (English speaker with basic Italian)

Hello All

I recently concluded a one year contract working remotely from Bassano, for a company in Torino.

(I work as a digital artist in Games/Animation/films etc...)

So I am looking for new opportunities (in the same sector or outside of) where one may require or be ok with an English speaker (with basic Italian ATM).

I thought I might post here in the chance that someone might know someone...long shot -  but worth a try.

I am happy to work in adjacent fields or even something completely different - as long as it can be done by an english speaker.

I am open to pretty much anything at the moment - Ideal would be Bassano area , but I am wiling to move to major cities in the north - specially ones with a healthy tourist economy that might require an english speaker.

If you need any more info for any leads -please get in touch - Im happy to share more details about myself

Thank you and have a great weeekend.



Hello, you may also create your CV in the Job offers in Italy section of the website for better exposure.

All the best