Travelling on expired permesso di soggiorno

Hi. i am an international student in milan. My permesso di soggiorno was expired and i have applied for renewal. my home country is Pakistan. For some reasons, I will have to move to australia (i have visa for australia) before my appointment at Questure.
Can i travel to a country other than home country on RICEVUTA (appointment reciept) and will I be allowed to re-enter italy based on ricevuta??


You can travel in and out of Italy with the paper that confirms you have an appointment at the questura that you should've received at the post-office when you submitted your renewal application.

However, be careful when you buy your airplane tickets because you can only come in or out of the Schengen Zone through Italy. That means no connection flights on other European Union countries.

You will need to travel with your passport, your expired permesso di soggiorno and the paper you received at the Poste Italiane.

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