Permesso di Soggiorno - message for pick up not received

Hey guys, I applied for a renewal of my permesso di soggiorno about 2-3 months ago at my local questura and I still haven't received a message to come and pick it up. What is weird is that last year I was able to check on this site to see if it is ready, but this time when I enter the new receipt number it doesn't show anything (It just deletes the number and doesn't say whether it is valid/not valid/archived as usual). If you have any experience with this please let me know. Have a nice day guys.

I know nothing about this, but I suspect your request may have been lost or not processed. I would definitely go back and check with them to find out the status. Something sounds suspicious.

I have the same problem here, I’m waiting for message to pick up my permesso soggiorno from 12 February but nothing until now.
I try to check up in the website but it says in progress and then it says it’s not valid. It’s confusing.
Should we go direct to questura and asked?

I know exactly ehat is going on , because i had to wait like 4 months for my permesso and my finance had to wat 7 months. The immigration office in all of italy is overloaded with work because they just legalised like 500000 people , and its a lot of work to be done. Be patient , they will send you the message.

Thank you
I guess I just need to wait and patience.
So it’s mean anytime soon cannot go out from Italy until I get my permesso soggiorno?
That’s disappointing

Thanks a lot guys, I will go tomorrow to check with the questura and hopefully they will tell me if that is the problem. I'll keep you posted if you are interested about what happens.

Anastasia, if you want you can travel to your country with the ricevuta if you have a direct flight. If you don't have a flight you can't pass through schengen countries because for them, the ricevuta alone is not a valid ID.

Yeah you should update after you go to questura so we all know about what happens in the process.

I guess for good reason, better to wait my permesso soggiorno to finish then travel outside. I don’t want to register again and wait again.
Thank you and hope you get the answer you looking for.

Have a good day

Saw new Covid restrictions coming so I gave up and left Italy without mine. I have no idea how I'll get back in LOL.

I went there and they basically said wait for another 10 days and come back afterwards if you don't receive an sms.

Well done 👍
I think after reaching 3 month I will go there too and asked.
Have a good day

hi, I'm having the same issue, and my questura is not responsive. can you give an update about your situation?

Hi there, I'm in the same situation you were in a couple of months ago (the permesso di soggiorno of my wife suddenly disappeared from the questura website). After your questura told you to wait 10 days, how long did it actually take you to receive your permesso di soggiorno?

Haha kudos

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