Permesso di soggiorno is under renewal process, UK visa

Hi, I am a Turkish person and I am living in Italy, Milan.
My stay permit had expired so I applied for renewal and now I have ricevuta on hand.
I want to go to London for a business trip.
Can I apply for the UK visa with only ricevuta?
Or can I get an provisional stay permit from Questura di Milano - Ufficio Immigrazione?

I appreciate any help!

An Italian stay permit has absolutely no bearing on getting a UK visa.

but the thing is I am a Turkish citizen and I am applying for UK visa from Italy. One of the required document is the residence permit. Are you sure that it is not necessary?

Ahh yes, you must provide proof of legal residence in Italy, my error.  If you have a copy of your previous (expired) residence permit and the receipt, that should be acceptable.

Thank you , I hope so.

hello . I would like to advise you a thing from my personal experience. So please be careful.
I was in your similar situation last year. My Italian residence permit was expired and I had a applied for the renewal. I applied for the UK visa with my expired residence permit and provided them the ricevuta.
They refused my application and they had concerns about my return to Italy.
So i could suggest you to wait till you get your permesso di soggiorno


Could someone please advise me? I have expired permesso di soggiorno, renewal documents + one more document from Immigration office that my permesso is being printed, and a valid UK visa ( short business trip is scheduled).

Unfortunately, my permesso might not be ready by the time i need to fly to UK for business trip. Can I still fly to UK from Italy with my expired permesso, renewal document and UK visa? The flight will be direct.

For Russia it was ok to cross Italy-Russia border as I am russian citizen and there were 0 problems with ricevuta.

Thank you very much

Go to the questura and request for a temporary Permesso or visa. That's what I applied for because I had to visit Vienna to handle some business while waiting for the renewal of my permit.

Hi b8mode,
Thank you, but how long does it take to issue it? And to which window do I need to get? I have only 3 days to do it :(

It should take a day. Just explain to them that you need an Italian visa or temporary Permesso that will allow you get back into Italy when you're coming although you can get into th country legally just by tendering your expired permesso together with your renewal documents gotten from the post office.
Good luck my friend.

ok, thank you.
I have only one question left: will the UK border allow me to enter with expired permesso, ricevuta for renewal and UK visa? or not?

Do you currently have a visa to the UK? If you do, then entering into the UK shouldn't be an issue. That's your pass into the UK. The reason the temporary Permesso is needed is to be able to get back into Italy.

the UK immigration office has confirmed that I can enter the UK.
Now the question is with Italian Authorities. Will they let me in / out of Italy to UK with expired permesso and renewal receipt since I am Russian Citizen. It was ok when I did it flying to Russia through Turkey. Turkish Authorities let me in.

:idontagree: They ABSOLUTELY will. But try and seek for a temporary Permesso from the Questura just in case.

Hi. I would like to raise a question regarding your reply. How where you able to apply for a temporary visa? Because my PdiS is expiring on last week of february. I have already renewed my PdiS hoping I can have it on time before my visit to denmark on the last week of april. Unfortunately I was scheduled for timbro on the 1st week of april. So, i wont be able to have my PdiS by then. Can I apply for an extension? Thank you so much for your reply.

Hello, could you please advice the form of invitation? I went there, I will have friends wedding, thats why need temporary permesso. They asked for some official document/invitation, which I do not know how should look like :(
Thank you in advance!

Hi afshan93, so the questura asked you of some invitation from the wedding whith which you wanted to attend? May I know which questura was this? As i am of the same situation as yours but I have yet to go to the questura to file for my visa extension as I was waiting for
My PdiS renewal. Thanks in advance for your reply

Hello! As I know, if you already had one PS, and now waiting for the new one, you can leave the country and come back. BUT please recheck it with that office. As I'am new here, I don;t have my first permesso, and need to apply for temporary one if I want to visit my home-country.

Hi all, how long can i travel with the receipt of Permesso de Soggiorno ? My permesso has expired on 2nd Dec 2015. And also my new permesso is ready but am in UK. SO can i travel back to Italy to collect my permesso with the two months old receipts ?

What if my visa is not expired?

Hello I have been in Italy for about 3 years and i finally have my permit of stay and there is a mistake on my second name and my date of birth. what can I do about this please? Thanks

Hi there ! My situation is some kind of similar, but I still have some questions. I arrived in Italy last week to study (I hold a student visa with multiple entries) and I already applied for the permesso di soggiorno, I have the receipt but my appointment will be only on October 2nd, and  I have booked a trip to London on September 06th. For brazilian people, a visa is requested at the entry of UK, not before. In this case, I also have to request for an authorization at the questura  (even if my first request of the permesso and with an italian student visa that is valid for one year?

Tks !  Regards, Michelle

Hi Diana
I'm renewing my permesso di soggiorno and my mother has Italian passport so my question is can I travel with her to the UK with my ricevuta and my passport please answer me.

Hi everyone
I waiting for my permesso di soggiorno I've a receipt that proof it right and my mother is Italian so my question is can I fly with her to the UK with my receipt and passport..
Please I need help...Thanks

Can you tell me how did you that ? Because I am in the same situation

Can you please elaborate your situation in order to get exact answer ?

In order for you to visit the UK, you need the correct travel documents or visas. "permesso di soggiorno" means nothing in the UK as it only applies to Italy.

"... "permesso di soggiorno" ... only applies to Italy"

But does the PdS not allow the holder (also non-EU persons with proper passport) to travel to all other SCHENGEN countries (of which GB is not a member) for up to 90 days?

Janingal wrote:

"... "permesso di soggiorno" ... only applies to Italy"

But does the PdS not allow the holder (also non-EU persons with proper passport) to travel to all other SCHENGEN countries (of which GB is not a member) for up to 90 days?

This topic is about traveling with visa to the UK, it has nothing to do with Schengen as you noted.

@cansucandan Hi, sorry to bother you. I am in a similar situation as you were in 2016. I am wondering if you could get UK visa with an expired permesso di soggiorno and the ricevuta. Thank you very much in advance for your reply.

Hi! I would like to know if I can apply for the UK visa with the ricevuta?

I need a definite answer since I have little time.

@Niya.A Did you apply? or got any answer related to it?