Travelling with Permesso di soggiorno Receipt


I am a non EU Citizen and I come from India. I have a question for my friend (Indian and studying in milan) in a situation where she recently submitted her request for renewing her permesso di soggiorno. She got the receipt stating the date of appointment. But she wants to travel in Italy and to other schengen countries. I wanted to ask if she can travel with the receipt before she gets her new permesso di soggiorno card ?

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Please feel free to go through the various topics in the Information on visas in Italy section, it might help you.

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As long as you have the recpt you can travel with your older Permesso. The older Permesso can be used to travel for a period of up to 3 months. This is what I was told at the Carabinieri where i collected mine from.

Hi! even without the valid permesso?  i have seen so many posts that says otherwise and i am worried since i am in the same boat but need to travel for new years eve

Hello, i want to know that can i travel to india with my expired permesso di soggorno, i have already applied to renew and my date to visit questura is april 2023. uff long wait! Now i have to visit to india can i travel with my post office receipt and how long i can stay!  There is a no problem with italian Immigration desk but in return time indian immigration desk will ask useless questions. Please let me know with surity. Thnks

@Sukhcharan singh19 Yeah it will be ok but make sure your resident permit should b valid and a return ticket on time 👀

@Sukhcharan singh19 How was your travel?

Have you faced any problem while returning from india reagrding to your documents as i also have a same situation as you. And how much time have you stayed in India?

@sandhaanmol17 please let me know when u got this answer. Im also in the same boat

@krandeep99 ok. And please if you got any information regarding this then also tell me.

Hi, I am facing the same situation. It will be the 4th month and I am still waiting for the soggiorno. Can anyone please share his/her experience of traveling with an expired visa/soggiorno, Identity card, and new permesso di soggiorno receipt? I want to visit my sister in Germany for a few days.

Hello, can I fly back to Italy after 3 months and 2 weeks with my postal receipt?


hello, do you guys have any info about traveling to india with receipt? i need to travel very shortly.


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I have a valid Italy RP expiring on 2nd Feb 2024. I have already applied for renewing my RP. Can i travel to other Schengen countries in Jan 2024 and return to Italy before expiry of the RP on 2nd Feb 2024.