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I'm wondering, how long can someone stay in Italy, legally, after their student permesso expires?  I have heard it is two months, but I cannot seem to find any documentation to prove this. 

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hi Morgan,
After your visa is expired you can stay legally in Italy further 60 days during which you can require the renovation of it. At the end of those 60 days if you have not submitted such request your stay in Italy is nomore legal.



You can back in Italy if your "permesso di soggiorno" is still valid, that is before the expiration date. After such date you can enter in Italy only if you are in possession of the documentation proving the request for renewal.
Furthermore, if your "permesso di soggiorno" is already expired and you have not yet done the request for renewal you can enter in Italy only with a "visto di reingresso" released by the italian autorities in your country and only if your "permesso di soggiorno" is expired from less than 60 days.
Considering what I have just written I suggest you back to Italy before the permit expires.



yes. you can renew your permesso di soggiorno for work reasons within 60 days after expiration and before that date you must have a contract of work to be attached together with the other necessary documents.



We come to Italy every year for 3 months and sometimes return after at least 3 months back in the states. This adheres to the immigration rules governing tourist visits. We would like to be able to stay longer than 3 months at a time and to not be limited to only a 90 day visit in a 180 day period. In anticipation of finding a long-term rental, this year we got visas which became valid on April 1, the day we arrived in Italy. We want to get a Permesso di Soggiorno but haven't applied yet because we hadn't found an apartment. However, we found an apartment last week and will rent it for 1-2 years. I have the following questions:

  1. Can we now apply for a Permesso di Soggiorno? The visa said we should apply in the first 8 days here
       but  we didn't apply at that time because we hadn't found an apartment  to rent yet.
  2. If we don't apply or don't get a Permesso di Soggiorno does the visa entitle us to stay in Italy longer than
       3 months or to return again without having to wait 3 months? Our visas are good for 1 year.

Our ultimate goal is to spend March-June and September-November in Italy and the rest of the year in the US.
Thank you for your help.

Bob Smith

Dear bob,
If you arrived in Italy with a touristic visa you cannot convert it in a work visa with which you could live in Italy for more than 3 months.
Therefore, for your next travel I suggest you to apply for a visa that would allow you to live longer in Italy.
Concerning the request of permesso di soggiorno you must apply within 8 days from your arrival in Italy, but with a visa for touristic reasons you cannot as it is not expected.
If you wish more info regarding permesso di soggiorno I paste you the link of a website. … om%2Fen%2F



Thanks Italianlawyer,

We already have 1 year visas not 90 day tourist visas. I'm trying to determine what the visas allow us to do in terms of staying in the country longer than 90 days and also re-entering the country.

As I also stated, we didn't apply for our Permessos yet because we didn't have an apartment earlier. We just found one.

Thanks again.


Dear Sir/Madam,

I live in Italy since 2010 February. Currently, I hold a permesso di soggiorno per lavoro subordinato. The permesso soggiorno per lavoro subordinato expires in february 2014. My questions are:

1) I will apply for renewal in the post office in December. Will the expiry of my new permesso di soggiorno lavoro be February 2015 or December 2014?

2) In February 2015 I want to apply for permesso di soggiorno per lungo termino. I work continuously since October 2012. My yearly salary  is 36000 euro.
If I dont work between 2014 april and 2015 january but satisfy the minimum income for 2014 (january+february+march), can I apply for the permesso di soggiorno lungo termino with a new work contract in 2015?

Thank you very much for your help.

I have moved to Italy and have an elective residence visa.  I also have the permesso di soggiorno as an elective resident.  My question is this:  the visa is valid for one year and the permesso is valid for two years.  Do I need to return to the U.S. to renew my visa after one year, if at all?  Thanks so much.

Please, can you help me! I would like to know the name/number of the italian law that confirms that staying in Italy up to 60 days after permesso expires is legal. Thank you!

My permesso di soggiorno expires on 31 st of december,  can i leave from germany few days after the expiry date?
P.S i am not renewing the permesso

Can u please tell me what did u find out?
I need to know the same issue

Good day to all!
I have am presently staying here in Canada. And I have my permesso Di soggiorno expiring on August 18, 2015.
I'm planning to go back to Italy in August 13,  2015. Will I still be allowed to enter italy considering my soggiorno is expiring in days time?
Thanks you very much!
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Two important questions that need to be answered are how long have been in Canada and for how long do you intend to remain in Italy?  The answers to these questions affect what is required.  Non-EU citizens who live legally in Italy can temporarily travel out of the country and return before their permit expires. There are however conditions to be observed.

According to Article 13 of D.P.R. 394/99 (the Rule for Implementing the Immigration Law), a Permit of Stay cannot be renewed if the holder has been away from Italy for more than six consecutive months. This rule is valid only for those who hold Permits of Stay valid for a year.  However, if one holds a Permit of Stay valid for two years, the maximum time they can stay away from the national territory is one year.
By the way, if your intent is to remain in Italy and renew your Permesso, you might have to start from scratch.  The renewal process must begin:  90 days before expiry date if your residence permit is valid for 2 years;  60 days before expiry date if your residence permit is valid for 1 year;  30 days before expiry date in all other cases (taken from the Immigration website).  If they make you start from scratch, it is possible that the validity of your current visa, if it is still valid, will come into play.

As you are probably well aware, all of the "rules" are subject to the interpretation by the person you encounter as you enter Italy, and who is sitting behind the desk at the Questura, and the rules can change without anyone knowing it.  That's what makes this all so fun.  Also, which is your Schengen entry point?  Some countries are much more strict than others when it comes to applying the rules.   :huh:

Good day!
First of all I would like to thanks for your response!
I've been here in Canada for 15 mos, and the plan to stay in Italy only to renew my Soggiorno, considering I have an employer to process my papers.
I am not worried about starting from scratch when I renew my soggiorno , what I worry about is will I be granted an entry?
Thanks again and more power!

Since you have exceeded the time limit of being off of Italian soil, you will need to start from scratch, that will most likely include a valid visa.  You will not be able to apply for a Permesso without it.    Nonetheless, you can enter Italy with a valid passport without a visa for a stay of no more than 90 days. 

But, you say that you "have an employer to process my papers."  Does that mean your employer is located in Italy but you work in Canada?  If so, this is out of my realm of knowledge as to how the Permesso di Soggiorno applies to you since you apparently do not work or live on Italian soil.  The Permesso is the document that allows you to stay in Italy.  If you don't live there, I'm not sure what good the Permesso will do you.  I am more familiar with situations in which one works for an Italian company within the Schengen region, which Canada is not.  I suggest that you go to your nearest Italian Embassy and ask, or have your employer find out for you.

Thank you very Much for your Response! I do really appreciate it!
Have a nice day!!

Hi expat experts! Good day! I would like to ask you a question. I have a valid Permesso di Soggiorno per mediche that is still valid until 1st week of December 2015. I plan to go out of Schengen area this August 2015 and Return on the 1st week of September. I am aware that I can only exit and enter the Italian border if exiting Schengen area. Do you think the immigration officer will let me in after exiting this August then returning on September with just my passport and permesso di soggiorno? I have obtained a permesso di soggiorno per mediche here in Italy and provided all the paper works, I got the yellow paper with my photo on it. I hope to return here and renew my permesso here in Italy before it expires this December. I also plan to get a German student visa in German embassy in Rome. They said, I can get it it Rome since I have a valid permesso di soggiorno. I would appreciate any advise you could give. Thank you! :)

Hi expats. I do have question on acquiring a permesso di soggiorno.
An employer is willing to process the documents for me but the problem is i have an expired student visa issued by a schengen country and I failed to process its renewal or extension.
I need help and information if I can process permesso with my current employer without laws (sanatoria or amnesty) being implemented yet?
Thanks for reponse and I really appreciate it.


I have a permisso di sorggiorno but it expaired in  5months now and I live in Germany so what will I do because I want to renew it now .so I need a guide or is not possible for me to renew it again.

Hello.  Unless you had a serious situation that prohibited you from renewing the Permesso on time, you'll most likely be made to start all over.

Hello  ,i had same problem.I am in italy permesso expired on 2014 december.its been  1 year since expired.I am thinking to renew my permesso now .do you think i can fact i have all other neccessary documents..wts your expriance!!thanks

elchapo, the Questura will work with people if their permesso has been expired for a few weeks, but not for over a year.  I know that a friend of mine was in the same situation (her permesso had been expired for 14 months) and her attorney in Italy told her NOT to try to renew because it was likely that the Questura would immediately expel her from Italy and prohibit her from returning for at least three years.  She had to return to her home country and start all over again with the visa process so as not to have the expulsion from Italy on her "record," or to be prohibited from re-entry into Italy (or the Schengen zone) for three years.  As problems with immigration all over Europe have become more of an issue, neither Italy nor any other Schengen country, are being lenient.  Rather, they are becoming much stricter.

italianlawyer wrote:

Furthermore, if your "permesso di soggiorno" is already expired and you have not yet done the request for renewal you can enter in Italy only with a "visto di reingresso" released by the italian autorities in your country and only if your "permesso di soggiorno" is expired from less than 60 days.

Hi Marco

Do You know if this "visto di reingresso" is still needed as I'm coming from the non-EU country that doesn't require a visa for entering Italy (tourist) so to apply for renewal within those 60 days after the expiration day.

Hello sir ,
    actually i want to know about the process of permesso di soggiorno renewal.My question is , you had told that we can renew our soggiorno even after its expiration within 60days,but during renewal ,i mean if we do renew of soggiorno after its expiration date,can the work contract will be valid at the same time because i am getting my work contract only after 10 days of soggiorno's,can i renew my soggiorno with work contract after its expiration date??
Thank u.

Saluti everyone,

I been in Italy since 2012.and I renewed my sorgiorno twice .my last renew was 2014 September. .and after one month of renew I came back to my orgin country. .and 2 years of sorgiorno exparing 2 weeks later..and I am not planning to renew question is will they allows me to go to Italy under tourist visa in future or there will be any problems by applying as tourist?

Hello everyone,

I am studying in Italy since 2014 and my scholarship will finish on March, so I will go back to my country and then I will turn back for couple of days on June for an exam. The problem is my permesso di soggiorno expires on 1st of February, but I want to stay to end of March to finish my works at uni. Obviously I cannot take a visa while I am in Italy and without a house contract they won't give me a permesso di soggiorno. What is your suggestion? Legally can I stay until the end of March or did this 60 days rule changed?

Thank you!

u can apply for renewal of permesso di soggiorno 60 days before the date of expiry, and even if u have not received the PDS, you can still travel to ur home country with the receipt. However, u are not allowed to transit from any Schenegen Country with the receipt.

even when I was a student, they never asked me for house contract. just go the the nearest patranto and ask them for help regarding documents.

Thank you rjv1704. Unfortunately, a house contract is a must now otherwise you have to stay at a dormitory. Last year I had a lot of problem because of that.

Good day! I have a 2 years motivi familiari Permesso di Soggiorno and it'll expire next May 2017. I just wanna ask whether I can renew it at the same month of expiration? And is it really fixed that I need to have at least send a Kit to Poste one month prior to the expiration month of Permesso di Soggiorno?

You can renew the application by delivering the kit to the post office any day before deadline.

Thank you for responding. So you mean to say, I can submit or send a kit to Post office before May 27 since it'll be the expiration date of my permit to stay?

Recommended time is one month, but as long as you deliver the kit and take the submission document from post office, which shows that you have an appointment date for questura, it is ok. I mean you are on the safe zone.

That is really my problem since I'm studying in university and the end of our class will be on May 13, 2017 and the expiration date will be on May 27. So, i was actually worried that I might be in trouble because I knew also that I must submit a kit on the Post office 1 month prior to the expiration month. Thank you again. God bless.

I nearly forgot. There'll be a 1 month appointment before going to post office, isn't it?

Before going to post office to send the Kit, I think there will be a 1 month appointment given to the person. Right?

Hello dear,

How long can I stay out of Italy in my home country on PDS receipt? Thanks in advance!

Hello dear, I'm so sorry I really don't have the idea when it come to this processing of papers let alone your question regarding whether you can stay away with you PDS receipt. I'm not familiar with that document. I apologise.

Hello Guys,

Could anybody help me to this question...How long can I stay out of Italy in my home country on PDS receipt? Thanks in advance! And Happy New Year to all :)