Traveling while waiting for permesso di soggiorno in Schengen area

Hi, this year i am getting my permesso di soggiorno for work. Now i'm in the process of waiting for it, so the documents that i have are:

- expired permesso di soggiorno
- ricevuta like proof that i'm waiting for the new permesso
- passport with visa-free entry for 90 days in Schengen area.

Does anyone know if i can leave italy and visit another Schengen country with these documents?
Thanks a lot!!

If you bothered to search the forum first, you would have found this question many times!

Yes, you can travel.

Hey thanks for the fast reply. Actually i tried to find a similar topic but i didnt see any. Thats why i made a new question. Could you please tell me where have you seen something similar? Thanks!

If your PdiS is expired, the post office receipt for its renewal is of no use to you traveling within the Schengen.  Therefore, it is the 90-day visa that becomes important.  You can travel within the Schengen on that until the visa expires, the 90-day clock starting from the first day you entered the Schengen zone.

Hi everyone,
I am living in Italy and I have 6 month permisso di Sigorno(residence permit) here.
According to italy law I can move with this permisso di sigorno in European Union with my passport Up to 3 months without visa and registeration.
My Question is, can I marry to my German girl friend  in Denmark with this permisso di sigorno?(valid For Six month with multiple entry in European union).
I will be wait for you reply

Can you ask in the German Forum regarding marriage there

German Forum Page

Thanks for reply sir,.
                                I have already confirmed from Germany they have no issues.only vi want to clear about Denmark.
I will really appreciate you for reply.

If you can move around the EU freely for up to 3 months then I can not see any reason why you can't get married. You will need to get in contact with the Embassy to check on what documents you need.

Hallo Every one,
I have already written a question in above post about Marry in Denmark,but still I haven't got satisfied answers.
Now I just want to give you more hint about my situation and then I expect perhaps some body can post a satisfactory answer.

I have 1 year permisso di sigorno and passport and all document which are require to marry a in Denmark.
My Question is ,Can I marry with this one year permisso di sigorno in Denmark ? Because one of my friend has been already married in Denmark with 2
Year  Carta permisso di sigiorno but not with one year Permisso Di Sigorno.

I will wait for your replys.

Ask the authorities in Denmark.  It is always best to get the answers straight from those that know the law and regulations instead of depending on the opinions of people which might not be accurate.

I need help anyone can reply me.
I have italy asylum 5 years visa and I got married in Denmark with EU I want register my marriage in germany .
What requirement I need and they will need my visa for verification or just look as usual and after registerstion my asylum status will be valid or not?can I renew my asylum visa?for the marriage registration they need my visa or not?
please help me.

Yes you can marry in Denmark my one friend married in May even his visa valid only for 4 can marry don't worry

Hi guys,I'm waiting for my permesso di soggiorno and I really have to travel to the UK anyways I'm UE family member so my question is can I travel with my UE family to the UK with the slip I was given to wait for the soggiorno..Thanks

Hi guys,I'm waiting for my permesso di soggiorno but I really need to travel to the UK it's urgent
I'm UE family permit so my question is
Can I travel to the UK with my UE family member with my passport and the ricevuta the proof I'm waiting for my soggiorno..Thanks

Aslamo Alikum,
Hanif bhai,
     I want to marry in Denmark as I said above.I have one issue in my mind,is it possible to marry in Denmark with out asylum approval Permisso Di Sigorno?I mean,still I have not gone to Commission for interview.
And I have one year Permisso di sigorno and Carta di Identia .
And could you tell me in which city and marriage office you married.
I will be wait for your reply.

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Hi there
I'm waiting for my permesso di soggiorno and my mother is an Italian so my question is can I travel with her to the UK with my ricevuta and my passport to the UK.
Please help me out..Thanks

Can someone help me regarding my case? I'm applied for a PDS for the first time (Cohesian process with a tourist VISA) and i had the reciept (recivuta) for the fingerprint appointment in March. I have a tourist Schengen VISA valid till April. Can i travel within the Schengen countries while waiting for the appointment? Because people are telling me, that i can't leave Italy till i get the PDS according to rules. Thanks

Hi everyone
Presently got fine from a school of one year and have admission to another school starting next January my visa has expired so is my permissio but I put my permissio for renewal and my interview is next year February, Can I use my renewal certificate to travel within schegen countries  thanks

Dear Mohamed,

I am in the same situation as you. I wanted to know if you were able to travel before receiving first permesso? Thanks.

Hello please how can I check online if my permesso di soggiorno is ready. With the receipt from post italian. I tried to check on polizia di stato but it's not working there but it's a working document and not humanitarian. Please I really need someone to help me on how the check it I mean the website. Thanks please I will be waiting for a reply … tPage.aspx


Hi iam srilankan

My soggiorno has expired but I have renewal paper

So can I go and come to my home country