Permesso di Soggiorno (renewal) documents rejection case


I assume my case is complete new to this forum and I wish nobody gets into a trouble like me. Still if anyone could know/suggest something, I shall be grateful.

I'm on study visa (PhD, second year now) and living in Milan. I applied for renewal of PSD in Sep 2017 and got finger-prints appointment for Jan 11,2018. After taking my finger-prints, the officer at questura told me that university confirmation document is missing in my application, so she gave me a letter and asks me to bring missing document on the Feb 1, 2018 (the same day I've to collect my card).

I asked some fellow students about it, and they told me to get self-certification document which is generated from the university's personal profile. (Yes, I shouldn't have presented this document in any case, but it's an auto-generated form with bar-code so I thought nobody can write this letter by himself/herself and it is an authentic document.)

As expected, the day I went to collect my card, the officer rejects my document and she said we need a signed document from your university. She also told me that now I've to post a copy of all my documents to Immigration office (Police headquarters at via Montebello, Milan) in next 10 days. And once I get clearance from there, I will get my card.

I get back to my department and shows all my document to departmental secretary. Even she believes that questura should have taken my self-certification document. Anyways, she get the same paper signed by the head of my program coordinator and stamped it with university's stamp and also give me an official document stating that I've passed a subject. Next day, I went to the questura again (with a hope that they may show some leniency and give me the card today and I don't have to get involve with immigration office).

But the officer happens to be quite rude, she saw that stamped document very carefully and the other one with course completion, and told me to post these to Via Montebello with a return receipt. I went to Poste Italiano the same day, and asks them to post my document with return receipt. After a week, I received the return receipt delivered by Poste Italiano, stamped by Immigration office (via Montebello) on Feb 7, 2018... which confirms that they've received my documents.

Since then, I've got no updates about my case. I've been visiting questura and immigration office every month and they just tell me to wait. Even my application status on online immigration portal is not updated, it still shows status as: 'in investigation' and the date for finger-prints appointment: Jan 11, 2018.

I've already missed two summer schools, and expected to miss one conference (going to held in July, for which my paper is accepted). As a researcher, I've to travel and publish papers; I cannot afford to stay in Italy. Also, I cannot get a temporary permesso in this case as my documents are in investigation (immigration office said so).

I've put myself into a really big mess, worst is that nobody is being able to help me or suggest an alternative way. Am I the only student who has got into this trouble in Italy? Universities guidelines or blogs only state the success case and nobody talks about the other way. Is there no rules in Italy for students in this case?

My recievuta is dated Sep 2017, can I start a 'new' renewal application? What if they've lost my documents?
Is there any maximum time one should expect to get a decision on his/her application and the person may file a new application as the office (questura/immigration) might have lost documents for that person.

Thank you so much for your time.

Hello mraab,

Your case is not completely new, I had a couple of friends going through this.

First of all, I want to tell you to never send or hand the questura a self-certificate when they ask you for a real certificate. This will makes them furious because they afterall represent the state, and you may not hand the state a self-certificate for such cases. It is always better to either go to the department and get a letter stamped and signed by he department head, or even better, go to the PhD school and tell them to generate for you the official letter that is generated specifically for the questura for the renewal of the PDS.

Also, recently, due to the high number of foreign students in Milan, it is taking a lot of time to process the PDS. It takes months to get the appointment and then months again (around 2 or 3) to get the PDS. You should not panic. What should you do, is that you should go to the "welcome office" or the "international office" of your university and tell them about this issue. These offices have direct relations with the questura and they can call and ask about the status of your application.

Are you a PhD student at politecnico? if you are, please tell me which department so I can help you further. In any case, at the department (if you are at politecnico) there should be the "welcome office" and they will be glad to help you am sure. They have called the questura couple times for me.

As for the temporary permesso di soggiorno, did you already have a previous permesso di soggiorno that its date already ended or this is the first one? sometimes it matters, if you already have a previous permesso di soggiorno and a recivuta it would be easier for you to be given a temporary one.

As for starting a new renewal application, I do not think you are able to, because you can only apply at a maximum of 2 months after the end date of the old permesso, or during the time you had your first visa. But also, I do not think there is a need, and I doubt they 'lost' your documents I never heard of such things happening, and if it did, assuming it may happen, they will contact you for sure.

For your last question, no, there is no maximum time, I know friends who ended up waiting months to get their PSD.

I know it sucks especially if you are a PhD student and you aim to travel for conferences. I am a PhD student myself and I already missed a conference due to this issue.

Now what I suggest you to do, is to contact the university welcome office or international office, and ask them to call the questura so you have an answer.

On a side note, make sure if you are going to your home country NOT to book a ticket that passes in any Schengen state, because you cannot pass.
You can only go to your home country on a direct flight or through countries which people of your nation do not need visa to. Check this issue carefully.

Please also let me know if you are a student at politecnico and of which department, maybe I am able to help you further.


am in the same situation of yours, my status is showing same and i went today to check at comasina police station where i submitted documents, but they said i have to wait they will contact from august 2018 it  is in same status not updated and mentioned missing documents of bank statement and health insurance which i was carried when i had appointment but they returned to me saying they will contact later and i have to take when they contact but i have nothing recieved i went today they are not ready to check my documents and still saying same thing to wait.

Hi naveen,

I would suggest you to be patient, and hopefully you will get your permesso sooner. As I got my permesso in Sep. 2018, though I gave my finger prints in Jan. 2018. And my card's expiry was left for two months only  :( 

Anyways I got my permesso and applied for renewal again.

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