Travel to Italy with only Ricevuta & expired Type-D Visa

Hi, I have Student expired type-D visa with expiry date of 20/SEP/21 I have applied for permesso di soggiorno and they sent me SMS to collect it. Now I'm currently in my home country Lebanon, I am planning to travel to Italy on 11/OCT/21 to collect the permesso di soggiorno, so the documents that i have are:

- Ricevuta like proof that i'm waiting for the new permesso (which is ready in the Police office)
- Passport with expired type-D Visa.

Does anyone know if I can leave Travel to Italy to collect my permesso di soggiorno and stay there for sure.
Thanks a lot!!

Hi as far as I know you can come to Italy on your renewal papers but you may not land in any other EU country as only Italy recognises those papers.  So if you can fly directly from Lebanon to Italy you are good to go!

thanks for your help, it has helped me a lot

If you are already in Italy, then the ricevuta is considered sufficient, but I doubt whether the airline in Lebanon would consider it sufficient.   

One way around this is getting a tourist visa just to go and get your permesso di soggiorno

You can try with the airline.  Don't take a flight that stops elsewhere in the EU because where you first enter the EU is where they certify entry.

You might also inquire at the Italian consulate, but they are often rather unhelpful.

Good Luck!


@moustafahatoum hi, i'm Jane i have the same issue like right now. Just want to know how was it going? Did you enter Italy with Ricevita and your expired visa?

Hello everyone, I just want to know if it's for free or you need money

@Jane Marsha You can go back and forth only to your home country and Italy (the country which issued you the permesso). Please do not travel in or via EU with the receipt.

@Yazide YS Salhi Applying for a permesso di soggiorno is roughly 100-150 Euros. After that you don't need to pay anything.

My permisso is expired on october 15 2022. I had applied for renewal on 30.08.2022 and had completed police verification on 07.10.2022 but I have not received my card till now. i am travelling to my home country for 5-6 months , should i apply re entry visa or can i come in direct flight

@proximacenturion which questura you have applied.

Hi guys,  i have a question , my resident permit expired on nov 2022 , and a ricevuta was issued on Nov 2022 , my new permesso has arrived but i wont be able to pick up now as i am in my home country , due to some work constraints , i will able to travel only to italy on Nov 2023  , will I be allowed to travel in direct flight to italy with my ricevuta and expired permesso  ?    

Can I go uk and come back? I am not english I have uk visa