Australia Italy Bilateral Visa Waiver Agreement


I'm trying to understand whether the Australia Italy Bilateral Visa Waiver Agreement is still current. I would like to stay in Italy for up to 90 days after already visiting a number of other countries in Europe. Hoping to extend the Shengen 90 days by another 90 days in italy. I know this is possible for Australians in Germany (for example).

Does anyone know if that is possible?


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In the meantime, I invite you to read different articles about > Visas for Italy.

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@mirisonnabend I'd like to know this too so am following the feed. I thought you could extend the stay as long as you leave the country prior to the 90 day and then return but I'm no sure either?

Hello, I am also currently investigating this option!

I'm curious to know if anyone has successfully done this? It is quite hard to find information online so I wrote to the Italian Consulate in Melbourne.

This is their response:

"the Treaty you are mentioning is still valid.

However, I would strongly recommend you verify with:

1.            your airline, whether they will allow you to board your flight without a visa on a return ticket valid for over 3 months, and

2.            the customs in your ports of entry to and exit from the Schengen area regarding their specific requirements given the circumstances you have described.

Under this agreement, in order to spend the second 90-day period in Italy, you will have to exhibit a proof of the duration of your stay in another (Schengen) country for the first leg of your trip. Since passports are no longer stamped when travelling across Schengen countries, you may have to visit the local police to report your arrival to and departure from any (Schengen) country you visit first.

The agreement in question was signed in 1951. It often happens that airport staff would deem it  superseded by Schengen regulations, with obvious repercussions for passengers, including when seeking to fly back to Australia.

The entire matter falls beyond the scope of our responsibility because we cannot exert any form of control on border protection agencies in any country, Italy included.

On account of which, kindly acknowledge that this is just on a suggestion note, therefore you are again advised to independently verify what precedes with your airline and all customs Authorities involved."

It sounds possible, but quite complicated!



In my experience.

Qantas new digital terminal checkin 2022 needed manual overide, my guess is it flagged my out and back dates for Rome were more than 3 months apart, the staff didn't know why but knew i didn't need a visa for europe, they didn't check my plans for between .

I got advice from the Sydney consulate 2019, more vague than Melbourne.

In 2020, the immigration officials at Rome airport wanted me to have a plane ticket out of the Schengen within 3 months before letting me through, they interpret that you must leave Italy for at least 30 days before being able to use the bilateral time. I bought and they accepted a flight ticket to London.

I have not crossed the border after 3 months to test the rest, but there was no problem when leaving via Rome after 5 months in total

Hi Georgia1818 and ao8odo, any update on your travels?

getting info on bilateral agreements is very difficult!

We also want to travel in Italy , and have this not count towards shengen 90 days.


I am researching this topic for my partner. I carry an Italian passport so not an issue for me. We would like to stay in Italy for 90 days and then go to Scotland for a month and come back to visit Italy plus other Schengen countries. Total 8 months.