Time gap between visa expiry and getting Permesso

Hi guys! I need some advice.

I am an Indian students living in Italy since 6 months. I had already applied for the Permesso di Soggiorno months ago but due to the COVID situation, the final date for verification/finger printing is in August '21. My visa (Type D, long-stay, multiple entry) expires in April '21. I have the stamped receipt and papers of the application of the permesso.

What are the rules that will apply in this intermediate time - like what if I need to travel for work to another country? Will the airports consider this document?

And after the expiry of visa in April, will I be breaking any rules etc since I have already applied for permesso?

All leads are appreciated!!


Normally you can apply for renewal after expired also but within 60 days.

you can travel in hand with recievuta to India with  direct flights
  ( example Milan to Delhi or Rome to Mumbai vice versa).

But I know some people travelled with recievuta  layover on Germany and France.

Recievuta- receipt of applied student soggiorno.

Hope this helpful.

Bince Thomas

Thank you so much for the info.

So, does that mean that within the 60 day period, wherein you apply for the renewal of visa, you are legally allowed to be in Europe?

Yes you are , within 60 days of the expiry date you have the right to send the document for the renual , my finance was in this situation and when the police asked for the documents at a train station she showed the police the expired permesso di soggiorno and he said its ok you still have time. I have been told though that if your counrty doesnt have visa free travel for tourism purposes you cant leave the country because you might be denied re-entry , and i really think its not worth the risk.

Thank you for the info!

Hi Vandini

You will be handed a recipt(ricevuto in Italian), which is a valid proof that you have applied for the permesso, you could also write an email to the Indian embassy closest to if they could help you in this situations.

Dear All, 

I have received a ricevuta de invio 15 years back and never went to Italy and used it. is there any chance to renew it or re initiated as the person who applied for it on my behalf send it to me only few years later. 

Many thanks 

I am student in italy, i started the renewal process in second year in  julay 2022 , so, i want to know that my soggiorno will expire in julay 2023 or not. What the valid time of soggiorno depends on?

@Hassan Osman Once you receive your Permesso di Soggiorno card, you can find the expiration date written on it. Please note that it is not necessary that you receive the Permesso for 1 year. Sometimes it's for 10-6 months as well due to whatever reasons the regional questura seems valid. If you don't have the actual permesso yet, the receipt is enough for you to go back and forth to your home country. Please do not travel in or via EU with the receipt of your permesso.