Successes in your career in Kuwait


Becoming an expat means starting over in a new country, and a lot of times that also means starting over in your career as well.

How have your skills and experiences evolved since moving to Kuwait?

What does being successful in your career mean to you?

Can you share some tips about what to do and what to avoid in order to advance in your professional career in Kuwait?

Can you share an inspirational career story with us?

Did you have to change careers or adapt your career to fit the job demands in Kuwait?

How do you balance a successful career with your personal and social life?

What are the benefits of having work experience in different countries?

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Being born & brought up in kuwait, i did not have to move down here and adapt. And on the job side, have been very satisfied working with one company for the last 26 years....


What I liked about Kuwait:

- Good malls, restaurants at descent price. All type of restaurants and food joints
- Super markets keep good stuff and grocery stores at almost every corner. They are called Baqala
- Residential areas for outsiders are good and again of all types from shared room to luxurious apartments and villas. Water, AC, Electricity is mostly included in the rent.
- Petrol at cheapest rate
- Very hot in summer but very pleasant in winter
- Very good road infrastructure
- Good salary

What is ok in Kuwait:

- Medical facility
- Schools
- Flights

What is not ok in Kuwait:

- I read somewhere that it is worst for expats.
- Regional power game in almost all the offices. Whichever nationality is in majority they try to dominate others. It may be Britishers, Americans, Indian, Egyptians, Lebanese, Palestinian etc.
- Changes in visa rules and medical checks etc are not very clear.
- Public transport is improving but still not good
- For every small loan or purchase on EMI they need salary certificate.
- Kuwait is not pedestrian or cyclist friendly country
- Loneliness

God bless You for this wonderful helps a lot...thanks

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