Does SAT test determine work pass result?

Hi all! I got a job offer in SG with base salary of SGD2400. I understand that base salary is quite low but the position, which is Thai speaking sales rep. so there's bound to be commission in the end and that's why I accepted the offer.
Anyhow, I've been working in the marketing field in Thailand for almost 6 years. And when the company in SG put my details into the SAT test on the MOM website it said my application is likely to be rejected for S-pass cos that's what my company is applying me for. Nonetheless, the company in SG proceeded to submit my application to MOM.
Now I'd like to know if anyone has had the same result on the SAT test but your pass gets approved in the end? Does the SAT result actually determine the outcome of your pass?
Appreciate any sharing of experiences at all.

SAT test will show the eligibility criteria to apply for a work pass. It has no influence to determine whether your work pass will be approved or not.

Secondly, when SAT says you are not eligible for S pass then there is no question about its outcome. It’s going to reject anytime.

Lastly, 6yrs experiences in customer care, you should have asked for at least $3500 or so. Your offered salary is way below the market standard. MoM doesn’t count what benefits or extra income you will earn, rather it only considers your fixed salary plus any fixed variable income which must have written in your offer letter. Good luck

Thanks so much for your reply surya2k.

In that case, if you said that if the result from SAT test states that I'm not eligible for s-pass then the outcome would be the pass will be rejected, then I'm just wondering how come the company still went ahead to submit my documents? Do they think that I might have a chance of passing for some reasons despite the negative result from the SAT test?

Either they don’t know the usage of SAT or they think MoM will consider. I wish you good luck. Please let us know about your outcome. Thanks

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