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I was born in Kuwait in 1985. I lost my Birth Certificate during the Iraq invasion. I am currently trying to get a duplicate copy of my birth certificate issued. So what is the best approach for it?

I am presently residing abroad and is not in a position to travel to Kuwait, so was wondering if any of you could recommend me a service that can help me with this. I have a photo copy of my old birth certificate that I was able to locate from some of my school files and also the place of birth on my passport is Kuwait.

Any help on this topic is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

dear sir
its very easy to get your duplicate birth certificate issued in kuwait all it need your civil ID copy and copy of your passport,old birth certificate copy  then to present same with the registrar births and deaths office located in maidan hawally area near Imam Ali masjid , same will be given same day.
a 2 kd fee stamp has to be affixed on the certificate, then if this certificate needed to be used abroad , it has to be attested by MINISNTRY OF FORGIN AFFAIRS office located in SHUWAIKH near ZAIN telecommunication building
i hope my reply will help
best regards
parvez iqbal

Thanks pervez for your answering my question and providing all the required details. I am currently living abroad and not in a position to travel to Kuwait. Also I do not have any relative or friends in Kuwait who can help me with this.

So do you know anyone who can help me with this or is there any company that provides such services for expats?

I have a copy of my birth certificate and passport. I do not think I have a copy of the Civil ID.

Thanks again for your reply.

Thanks a lot,

Dear Sir
i spoke one typing and translation office in kuwait but they said they provide attestation
services but do not help to obtained duplicate.however u may contact   http://www.internationalapostille.com/k … alization/ and check if they can help you.i am extremely sorry that i am going on leave if it is urgent then check the link i mentioned over
if its not urgent then while i be back i may help you
best regards
parvez iqbal

further more since u belong to kerala, u may request any kerelite association to help you as karalites are the major community in kuwait or contact any of the churches in kuwait they must help u

Hi parvez,
     I was born in 1990 during war in kuwait. I need a date of birth certificate from kuwait . What is the process to get. Actually I not in kuwait . Is their any agency for helping in this matter. I am not in kuwait .
Thank you for helping the process .
Thank you

Hi there,

I live and work in the USA and need help securing a birth certificate from Kuwait. It was lost during the invasion. I have my civil id copy after invasion. I am willing to pay you extra if any body can help me secure my birth certificate.. Any help is appreciated. Thank you and God bless you.


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