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could someone explain me about this application? i mean is it only necessary if you want to arrive on your own without any job offer to Canada? i was told that is necessary to have an Canadian employer, is the Express Entry necessary in this case?

You only need an approved job offer with a Canadian Employer if your score is not enough to be included in the monthly average scores ITA's. What is your present CRS score?

I agree. A valid job offer will help you increase your score. Note that only the highest profile scores will be able to enter the program.
Note as well that the Federal Express Entry program is not valid in Quebec province, which has its own programs.
Entering into this program does not mean that you will be invited to apply for a permanent residence.

In express entry you need to have good score to get past the draw. Draw generally happens twice in a month and on an avg >2500 people get ITA (invitation to apply).

If you are coming to Express entry, you dont need any approved job offer. However if you score doesnt reach to the desired level (say 450+), in that case you have only these alternatives available;
(a) revise your IELTS or Education or Experience
(b) get job offer which can raise your points by 50 to 200
(c) get province nomination which can increase the points by 600

Hope this helps, let me know if query further exists.


Hi, can i know more about " PROVINCE NOMINATION"  and what would be the conditions for one to get a province nomination?

Provincial Nomination is when a province gets interested in your profile. Most provinces such as British Columbia requires an applicant to have a valid job offer from an employer before the applicant can apply for Provincial Nomination. Then, it is at the discretion of the immigration officers if you are qualified for the position or job being offered. 

One way to get nominated is if you submit a profile in the Express entry. If your score is high and a province gets interested in you, you can be nominated. Express Entry is can also be a way for the applicant to get employers in Canada. One of the requirements for the express entry is to post an ad about yourself in job match. So, that is also one way for the applicant to get a job offer.


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Thanks for the explaination