Discovering Canada

Looking forward to settle in Canada? Below is a general overview of the country: geography, demography, immigration...

Located in North America, Canada stretches over a total of 9,984,670 km ². It is the second largest country in the world after Russia. Composed of ten provinces and three territories, it extends from east to west from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean, and north to the Arctic Ocean, sharing a common border with the United States.

Canada is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary system which recognizes Queen Elizabeth II's coronation since February 6, 1952. It is also a multicultural and bilingual nation, English and French being the two official languages.


The capital of Canada is Ottawa. The main towns are Quebec, Montreal and Vancouver. The different provinces listed are Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador. According to statistics from the World Bank, its population stood at 35,872,748 inhabitants as at January 1st, 2016.

Canada is considered as one of the world's richest nations. The country is also a member of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the Group of Eight (G8). Its market economy undergoes slightly more government intervention than the U.S. economy, but much less than in most European countries.


The Governor General of Canada is appointed by the Queen on the advice of the Prime Minister, but has no real power. Rideau Hall in Ottawa, and the Citadelle of Quebec are the respective residences of the governor. The federal parliamentary system in Canada has a democratic tradition inherited from the British democracy of the sixteenth century. The legislative branch consists of the Parliament, composed of the Governor General of Canada represents the Queen, the Senate and the House of Commons.


Around 16 million people visit Canada every year. More than 400,000 foreign workers move to Canada every year to occupy temporary jobs while more than 130,000 foreign students come to study as well as to learn English and French.