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Updated 2019-04-30 14:18

Toronto, the capital of Ontario, is the biggest city in Canada and the fourth biggest one in North America. It is inhabited by over six million people of which almost half is made up of foreigners. If you want to live in a dynamic and never-sleeping city, Toronto is what you need. Like any other major city in the world, you will find areas with a distinct identity: business, hippies, gay, museums, Chinese, etc. You can also relax on the beaches of Ontario Lake, take a walk on the Toronto Islands and visit Niagara Falls, only two hours away by car.

If you want to find a job in Toronto, you must gather the right information and be prepared. You must adapt your résumé/CV to Canadian standards and improve your skills in English. Please note that you need a social number and a valid work permit to work in Toronto. For further information about immigration in Canada, read the article about working in Canada.

Toronto's labour market

According to Statistics Canada, Toronto is the economic heart of the country. The airport alone represents 300,000 jobs. The most important economic sectors are food and drink industries, finances, technologies, life sciences and durable environment-friendly technologies.

In Ontario, in June 2017, the ten most sought-after jobs were salesmen, childminders, family helpers, airport staff, cooks, truck drivers, programmers and developers for interactive media, warehousemen, farm workers and bank assistant. You can have a look at the list of job offers on the Job Bank website.
Despite a large number of offers, this is a very competitive labour market. Certain Canadian companies prefer hiring newcomers. These companies are listed every year in a study called "Canada's Best Diversity Employers". Several companies at the top of the list are located in Toronto. This is the case for Home Depot Canada, Procter & Gamble, Toronto University, the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), among others.

How to look for a job in Toronto

Start with preparing your resume and do not be afraid to have a long one: a typical Canadian resume can span over two or three pages. A potential employer will appreciate seeing the contact information of your former employers and professors at the end of your résumé. A cover letter is not always necessary.

You can find a job while checking by yourself the popular websites or while using the Job Bank website, the official website of the Canadian government. Do not hesitate to bring your résumé in person to the companies you are interested in.

You can also get in touch with social services in Toronto and community organisations that help newcomers. You will benefit from the skills of professionals, and you will be able to take part in workshops related to life in Canada and the labour market. You will also be able to find information about English courses. Besides, the activities you may join will help you meet new people.

Global Experience Ontario

Global Experience Ontario is an organisation that helps people who followed a training or studied abroad know if they can obtain a job in the province according to their qualifications. You may benefit from the program to get useful tips and help in your job search. You will also know more about how to obtain a work permit for Ontario.

Career cards

To help people who look for a job in Toronto, the government of Ontario works in partnership with regulation organisations to create career cards to help skilled workers trained abroad. These cards include details about the different steps in the registration process and data about language requirements, tendencies in the industry, the situation of the labour market, occupational permits, etc. These cards are available on the Ontario Immigration website.


The Consortium of Agencies Serving Internationally Trained Professionals (CASIP) offers workshops, language courses and help to newcomers looking for a job in the Greater Toronto area. Specific programs are provided in certain fields like engineering, accounting, finances, sales, human resources and business management, among others. The foreign workers benefit from practical advice and an opportunity to extend their network, an essential step to find a job in Canada. However, they do not offer internships.

Good to know:

Certain occupations in Canada are regulated. If you want to practise one of them, you must gather more information on the subject and register with the relevant organisation. It is illegal to exercise a regulated occupation if you do not hold a valid permit.

Labour standards in Ontario

The minimum wage in Ontario is 11.4 CAD per hour. It will go to 11.6 CAD in October 2017. Waiters in businesses selling alcohol, hunting and fishing guides, students and home workers have different minimum wages.

An employee cannot work more than eight hours a day and 48 hours a week. These standards can be modified with written notice and after being approved by the Labour ministry. A lunch/dinner break is compulsory after five consecutive hours of work. Overtime is compensated at one time and a half the standard hourly wage.

Employees cumulate a minimum of two weeks of paid vacation each year after twelve months of work. The contract of employment or the labour agreement can allow an increase of vacation time according to the seniority of employees. Vacations are paid on a 4% basis of the cumulated gross salary during the same year.

Here is a list of bank holidays in Ontario:

New Year: January 1st
Family Day: February 19, 2019
Good Friday: April 19, 2019
Victoria Day: May 20, 2019
Canada Day: July 1, 2019
Labour Day: September 2, 2019
Thanksgiving: October 14, 2019
Christmas: December 25th
Boxing Day: December 26th

An employee can agree to work on a bank holiday in writing. He will then be compensated with an increase in the standard wage or a free day.

If you want to quit your job in Toronto, giving notice is not compulsory. However, if your employer dismisses you, he must give you a notice with a delay calculated on the base of your seniority, except if you are working in the company for less than three months or if you are guilty of gross misconduct.

Certain occupations and fields present special regulations. If you want to know more about it, you should visit the official website of the Ministry of Labour of Ontario or speak with the union representative of the company where you work.

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