The labour market in Toronto

The labour market in Toronto
Updated 2019-04-30 14:35

Toronto has a bubbling labour market. Unemployment is low, and there's always an opening to be filled including on a permanent full-time basis, permanent part-time basis, a temporary full-time basis and a temporary part-time basis. There are also contract jobs, internship places, casual labour jobs, freelance and opportunities for apprenticeship.

Skilled workers generally get better offers in terms of wages than unskilled workers. Some of the best paid jobs in Canada include Doctors ($116,000), lawyers ($76,000), information security analysts ($66,000), engineers ($65,000) and financial analysts ($58,000). Since these are average figures, chances are some companies offer higher annual salaries.

Tips for finding a job

For immigrants, however, getting a job may be a little tricky. You should be eligible to work in Canada if you have a work visa ready before moving to Toronto to avoid having problems with authorities. Before moving to Toronto or as soon as you land, it is necessary you update and polish your CV. Cultivate confidence in presenting yourself during interviews, update your LinkedIn and social media accounts and make your skills and job interests obvious. It is not necessary that you have a job before moving to Toronto, but it is an added advantage.

The most popular industries

Some of the most popular industries in Toronto include:
1. Financial services: other than New York, Toronto's financial sector employs the most people in North America. Most financial service jobs are well-paid.
2. Aerospace: with a massive aerospace cluster and an aerospace campus hub, Toronto and its surrounding regions have several aerospace jobs.
3. Education: several universities and schools mean that they are a non-exhaustive list of available teaching and education-related jobs at any time.
4. Film: Toronto's television and film production and post-production industry are competing with Hollywood in terms of the number of people employed. Toronto has for years been an international player in the film making and film review business.
5. Food and beverages: Toronto houses the most prominent constellation of food and beverages production and processing companies in Canada.
6. Music: Toronto is a large music city. Several people are employed in music-related companies.
7. Technology: Toronto is one of the globe's most significant technology market employing millions and ready to hire more.
8. Tourism: 25 million people visit Toronto annually on tourism making the industry a large one with high demand for workers.
9. Life sciences: researches into modern and technology-driven medicine, longevity and several other complex scientific investigations are endlessly employing thousands of scientists in Toronto.
10. Fashion: playing host to internationally renowned designers, high-end retailers and several manufacturers. Toronto never stays a minute without a new fashion vacancy opening up.
11. Design: Toronto's design workforce is the third largest in North America. As such they are always openings in fashion, architecture and graphics.

Jobs in Toronto are available year in and year out. It is essential to determine the kind of job you would like to do and promptly apply for it. You may need to engage the services of job consultants to get the best offers and promptly too.

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