Australian graduate

Hi Guys,
Im from Australia and looking at moving to Toronto early 2011. I have the working visa and am all set to go, but the only thing im concerned with is finding work. I graduated with a marketing degree and have since had 4 years of sales experience. I am wanting to know if my degree and experienced would be recognised in Toronto, as I have heard foreign credentials are sometimes not looked at favourably. Thanks for your help.

Welcome on board dids ;)

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Hey Dids

Your post was put up a little while ago, have you moved here already? How did you go with work?

Cheers, Trudy

Hi Trudy,

Yeah I moved here in the middle of February. At first I found it difficult and stressful finding work. I was getting a lot of calls but wasn't finding anything. It took me about 2 months but I finally found something so was pretty happy about that.

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Hi Dids,
Glad to hear you managed to find a job. I myself am thinking of moving to Toronto, Canada in March 2012. I also have a degree in Marketing and 3 years experience working in the field. Do you have any advise for me on how to start looking and where to start looking for a job? Would you advise going through a recruitment agency or just applying myself? and is there much point in me looking before I go or will I have more luck once I'm there? Sorry for the millions of questions, just not sure where to start.


Hello Dominique and welcome to!

Maybe that you should start a new thread on Toronto forum for better visibility.