Nature vs city activities in Toronto

Nature vs City Activities in Toronto
Updated 2019-05-02 12:05

Canada is warming twice as the rest of the world according to Changing Climate website. This reality raises the questions: when should you engage in outdoor activities and when should it be indoor? When should you do a sport yourself and when should you watch others play? Your answer to this questions will be formed by the period of the year it is, the sports you are good at or the ones you like and the reason why you’re taking up the fun activity.

Toronto is blessed with natural endowments, great views, parks, and lakes. There are also excellent sports offering Torontonians unlimited choices. The summers drag many out of their bedrooms or offices to experiences Toronto's free offerings, and at other times of the year, there is more than enough activities for everyone. It's surprising then that Torontonians are active people. Dulling moments and boredom are usually relegated to the lexicon of impossibility.

Here are some things to do in Toronto:

  1. Have a picnic: there are breathtaking locations to have picnics in Toronto. Choose a spot and embark on the unforgettable picnic with your family and friends.
  2. Take a boat cruise: go for a boat cruise on Lake Ontario and wow your Instagram followers with mind-blowing pictures.
  3. Live to live music at Toronto Music Garden: the Summer Music In The Garden series at Harbourfront Centre is a melting point for the most mesmerising interplay of live music and parties. You are guaranteed to have so much fun you would want to come back.
  4. Play volleyball at Ashbridges Bay: there are several volleyball nets to rent here and have a really good time with your friends.
  5. Go to a movie screening: there are several movie screenings throughout the year. Some are indoor, and some are out there in the parks. You can choose to attend one with your family and friends.
  6. Hike: there are several trails to hike on around Toronto. Convince a friend to go with you and decide your trail, and off you go.
  7. Go kayaking or canoeing: if you like adventure, then you may as well want to paddle your kayak or a canoe in one of Toronto's beautiful lakes. The Harbourfront Canoe and Kayak Centre rents all types of Kayak and canoe. Get one and get thrilled!
  8. Ride your bike: instead of boarding the bus perhaps you should try riding your bike. It saves cost naturally and allows viewing scenic landmarks.
  9. Play golf: if you can play golf, there are golf courses to hit it off with others. This, of course, will come at a cost.
  10. Watch a game at the stadium: The Rogers Centre hosts a wide range of sporting activities. Find out when each game is played and go there to cool off.
  11. Go Ice Skating: if it's winter and the ices are falling like rain torrents probably wouldn't, wear your overalls, pick up your skating board and hit it out there for a fantastic ice skating experience.

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