How to find an internship in Toronto

internship in Toronto
Updated 2019-04-30 10:41

There are several opportunities for internship in Toronto's firms. For an internship in Toronto, however, you must follow a few administrative steps to do it right. In Canada, internships, may it be paid or unpaid, long or short, is considered as a job.

Thus, you may need a work permit or an internship permit before you proceed to apply for an internship placement in any firm. Even if you already found an internship, this does not guarantee a permit. You must meet all the requirements to be allowed to work in Toronto.


If you find the internship yourself, without the help of a third party, you must ask your future employer to write, detail and sign the internship agreement and follow the various conditions that it implies. Please note that a biometric passport is required to enter Canada. However, its validity period must exceed at least for a day the period you wish to spend in Toronto.

Regarding the French students, the French and Canadian governments signed an agreement to make internships easier and increase the number of exchanges between the two countries through programs like International Experience Canada (IEC).

Some other countries also have special arrangements with Canada or special offers. Try to find out the available arrangements or offers for your country of origin.

Obtaining an internship visa

You must be between 18 and 35 years old to apply for an internship in Toronto. You must hold a passport with a validity period that exceeds for at least a day the period of your internship. You must also be registered in a higher education school or equivalent to apply for the internship. Also, you must have never done an internship in the domain of your studies.
You must also prove to have sufficient funds for the period of the internship and register for a health insurance scheme valid for the entire period of your internship.

International Experience Canada

If you are French and would like to do an internship in Toronto, here are the steps to follow:
Use the IEC website to determine your eligibility
Create your profile.
Gather the required documents
Wait for the application request
Pay the relevant fees by bank transfer
Apply for a work permit

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Work and travel in Canada with International Experience Canada

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