Finding graphic design (publishing) jobs in Toronto and relocating

Hi, we are a family of three. Both of us are newspaper professionals. Our son is 4 yrs old. We are thinking of places to relocate to for a better life and better opportunities (educational and lifestyle) for our child. I'm in the editorial middle level managerial position in a newspaper while my husband heads the design section. Can anyone guide us as to whether it is a good idea to think of Canada as the new destination? And how does one find a job before visiting the country? Help!

You could try is a website with lots of jobs on offer.  You could also send in a resume and see what happens.  You may also want to visit the cities you are considering, so that you can get a feel for whether you would want to live there or not.  Which Port Louis are you coming from?  You should check with the local consulate/embassy and see what will be involved as far as paperwork is concerned.

Thanks for your reply. I'm currently in Mauritius. Sifting through options. Will do as you suggest.