I can not find a job in Toronto from Internet.

Hello. I live in Russia. I am work engineer. I know how to repair printers, copiers, multifunction devices, PCs, terminals Verifone. I want to come to work in Toronto, temporarily or permanently. I can not find a job from Internet. Can You help me?

Hello lexKur.

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I invite you to read these articles on Work/Labor market in Canada.

The Jobs in Toronto section might help as well. You should post an advert there.

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Have realistic expectations because jobs in Canada are hard to find. Try Canada classifieds.

Hello! Privet! Smotry na  usergroups ili Russkie agenstva v Canada.
Websites like workop. or Monster ne trat vremiya, poka net statusa.
Inogda Torontovka.ca  pishut. NO bez statusa sloznovato. Znayu cto hashih  v Ottawa berut okolo 45 000. LENA.

@yelena2012 -> Can you please write in english on this Anglophone forum so that everybody can understand? :)

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Hello AlexKur,

While it is theoretically possible to find a job in Toronto through the internet it is not very likely. Jobs are hard to find in Canada as they are in other countries and nothing beats a well written CV (Resumé) that is hand delivered to a firm along with a covering letter which states your objectives. Of course these must both be professional looking and written in impecable English or French, depending on the area maybe even both.

William James Woodward - Brazil Animator, Expat-blog Team
(By the way, I'm a Canadian living in Brazil)