The cuisine and food scene in Toronto

Gastronomy in Toronto
Updated 2019-05-02 13:11

Toronto is rich in tasty food and delicacies. While there are foods which are native to Toronto, the city's diversity means that the line between native and foreign has gotten blurred over the years. Most of them are Chinese cuisines with a mixture of Canadian recipes for instance. Have a look at the local food scene.

The food scene

Not long ago, Vogue wrote a piece in which they declared Toronto's food scene as becoming the biggest in the world. In this article, Vogue wrote of how 'the sheer diversity of Toronto's food scene makes it daunting to navigate'. Vogue acknowledged that the smell of food on almost every street of Toronto easy for anyone to get hungry. From foreign diners and restaurants replicating what could be obtainable several kilometres away to foods that Torontonians have eaten for the last four years, Toronto's food scene is as elaborate as anywhere else in the world. Irrespective of where you come from, you are guaranteed to find a restaurant that cooks your local dishes, you just need to enquire from the right people ' your people who have been in Toronto far longer than you. Some of these foods are a mixture of dishes from quite numerous cultures ' resulting in hybrid foods that can only be obtained in Toronto!

While there's no doubt Toronto's food scene is continuously expanding, Toronto's vegan food scene is also growing at an astonishing rate. For everyone in Toronto, vegan or carnivorous, you are sure to find enough food to eat more than your fill at any street you turn to. Meals are in different ranges in terms of price. While some are very expensive probably because of the reputation of the restaurants selling it, some others are affordable.

Local specialities

1. Poutine. This is Canada's national dish. Poutine has three predominant ingredients: cheese curds, fries, and gravy.
2. Singaporean-style slaw
3. Chocolate Chip Cookies
4. Mon Petit Choux
5. Peameal bacon dishes
6. Toronto-style pizza: made up of pizza brushed with garlic oil.
7. Kraft Macaroni
8. Butter tart: pastries made of butter, sugar, syrup and egg filling.
9. Beavertails
10. Montreal Smoked Meat: made by salting and curing beef with enough cracked peppercorns and little sugar and served on rye bread with yellow mustard.
11. Tourtiére: this is a unique meat pie served on Christmas and New Year's Eve.
12. East Indian roti
13. Pablum
14. Halifax Donair: Halifax's official food since 2015, the Donair is a special kebab, made with lamb and lamb sauce with a fair mixture of sugar, garlic, condensed milk and vinegar
15. Sushi pizza: contains both ingredients of sushi and pizza.

The best restaurants

These are some excellent restaurants in Toronto and not based on any survey.
1. Scavolini Toronto
2. Biglar kinyan
3. The Maid's Cottage
4. Schwartz's Deli
5. Symposium Cafe Restaurant & lounge: with about 30 franchises, Symposium café is quite popular in Toronto.
6. The Rivoli
7. The One Eighty
8. La Societé
9. Fran's Restaurant: a 24-hour diner, Fran's offers everything from scrambled eggs to Pizzas and rice.
10. Arcadian Court

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