Things to do and good adresses in Toronto


I'm a french student in Toronto, and it's my last month here.

So, I need to know which things are interessant to do in Toronto. I know that i MUST go to the CN Tower, but after ?

If you have good adresses, about restaurant, shops, interessant visit in Toronto, please, tell me them

Thanks ;)


What do you like to do?  Eat?  There are amazing restaurants in China Town, there is one on Spadina N of Dundas, with a statue that is a red post with a chair on top and a cat on the is called Pho Hung, very very good and very cheap.  How long have you been there?  Did you do the obvious Niagara Falls?  What type of food do you like to eat?  Have you checked out what is on at Harbourfront, they usually have one of the best displays of free cutting edge art I have ever seen in the world, plus a skating rink where you can rent skates plus you can go and see potters and glass blowers in action and check out what is on display in the galleries...?

Do you prefer to do sports?

What do you want to buy if you go to shops?  Kensington Market is a lot of fun, and near Pho Hung too....

There are some fantastic Indian restaurants out on College East....They aren't too expensive either..

red post with a chair on top and a cat on the chair

Yeah, i see where it is ^^


Did you do the obvious Niagara Falls?

Of course, with a very very good friend. Very nice time, i loved it.


Have you checked out what is on at Harbourfront

I know Harbourfront just for the skating rink. Very nice place for skate. Beautiful. Lake on one side, and the CN Tower on the other. And not so expensive.

But i never take the time to walk around. Maybe one day ;)


Kensington Market is a lot of fun

Is it in Chinatown ? I know "just" Eaton, Yordale and Pacific.

Actually, all the restaurants here aren't expensive for me, if i compare to France. I have already try a Brasilian, Salvadorian, Indian, Chinese and Vietnamese (in Chinatow, with the red smiling cow ^^)

I was here for 5 months, but i'm stay one more, until April 7th.


Kensington Market is just east of Spadina and China is an area rather than a mall.