European Meetup!!

Hi! We are two girls from Spain interested in organizing a meet up for European people to have a good time and share our lifestyle. We were thinking to get together for the World Cup games and continue the party afterwards. If you want to join us to have fun, leave a comment and you won't regret!

Hello marinaf87 and Welcome on Board!  :)

Could you please tell our members more about yourself? What are you in Toronto for? You can also name some places where you seem looks good for a meeting?



Hi there, there are some meet ups set up already for games in Little Italy and the Greek area of Danforth. Let me know what you are interested in and I will be happy to help ;)

I moved to Toronto this January to study a postgrad in Communications and my roomate in whose name I also speak has been here since 4 years ago and is also studying. We were hoping we could meet new people now that the summer is here and the weather is so inviting to walk around and go to places. Given that the World Cup starts this week, we though it would be a good excuse to organize something but we don't know much about great places to watch the games except Real Sports so any advice is welcome :) And if not for the World Cup we would be ok for going out to a pub or any cool plan.

Let the FIFA 2014 games begin.

Are you in Montreal? I am from Bulgaria, looking for new friends.