Hiya. I'm Marlenka from portugal, and I just moved to Toronto, and I would like to know where are all the cool places to go, nightlife, coffes, bars, events... let me know :)

Please and thanks!

Hi Marlenka,

Seja bem-vinda ao Canadá!!!

And on behalf of everybody at Expat-blog welcome on board. I hope your participation on the forums will be both enjoyable and informative.

Toronto has so many things to do and so much in the way of nightlife that one simply could not mention it all.

A good online site for finding about Toronto's nightlife is the STREETS.TO homepage.

By the way, yes I speak Portuguese fluently (like a native), was born near Toronto (Hamilton), lived in Vancouver for 28 years as well and now in Brazil for over 12 years. I'm married to a wonderful young Brazilian woman and we have a beautiful 6 year old son.

William James Woodward, EB Experts Team

Hi Marlenka,

I went through this experience 10 years ago and can fully appreciate what you need to know!

Drop me a line and I am more than happy to help. Welcome!

Hi Marlenka,

I've been in Ontario for almost 2 years now. I'd love to meet you if still available


Hi Marieka,

How are you and life in Canada?
Im Portuguese, lived in South Africa and London and now in Belize.

i plan to move to Canada.
I wanted to ask you, is it nice and worth it and how are the jobs there?

Lastly, being Portuguese, how hard or easy is it to get a work permit to live and work there?


Hello Marlenka! I moved to Toronto 6 years ago all by myself and had exactly the same questions  :/  Now I am madly in love with this city and trying to share my knowledge with people who have questions like yours. I started a blog devoted to all cool things to do in Toronto and will be happy to see you. You can also ask me any questions in the comments.

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