Festivals in Canada

Hello everyone,

What are the main festivals in Canada? Are there art, food, music, film, or other festivals expats can attend and participate in?

When do the festivals take place? How long does each festival usually last?

What activities go on during the festival? Is it necessary to buy tickets?

Are there any other events that take place in Canada that shouldn't be missed?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


Canada benefits from being a modern thriving Western society and thus if you've been to other Western countries, you will find more or less similar festivals celebrated in any major cities of Canadian provinces. Take for example, the Pride Parade. Then there are certain nuances in different provinces and cities where they specialize in certain types of festival, art or shows that others don't quite have it.

Take for example the Calgary Stampede which is definite the place to be for a stampede/cowboy like festival. And over in the east coast, the Halifax Tattoo is THE most popular tattoo show in the world. etc etc. Down in little Charlottetown, PEI, the occasional plays by the Confederation theater about Anne. and many more.

Festivals here are Canada day, Chinese new year, Diwali, Octoberfest, Christmas, ID ul Fitr, Jewish new year, Caribana, Calgary stampede, Tamil new year, baisakhi, South Asian festivals, Polish festivals, Ukranian festivals, Latin American festivals, Greek festivals, Cuban festival, Filipino festivals, Italian festivals, Portuguese festivals  etc etc etc...


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I used to attend Carbana  the first year it started in Toronto 1967,  after the children became of age, they did what make then happy , same with CNE this is a must in Toronto, Greeks on Danforth, if you google events in Toronto you will see which one you prefer thanks