can someone please tell me what is CANADIM? an expess entry to canada.

i saw an ad which says canadim. canadian immigration assessment for express entry for skilled worker, i answer all their questions and they called me telling me i pass the assessment and they are willing to help me... how can i be sure of this/

CANADIM is the web site of a private law firm in Montreal. I do not know if they are registered with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Commission or not. You should not deal with anyone who does not have an ICCRC registration number.

Typically these firms do little more than you could do yourself for free on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada government website  and most of these firms charge ridiculously high fees for what little help they can actually give you. Many so-called immigration consultants are purely frauds and for this reason even Citizenship and Immigration Canada has a very strong warning about them on their website.

My advice is to stay away from any of them if at all possible. If you really do need help with immigrating to Canada then your very first question to any consultant you think of using is... "Do you have an ICCRC registration number?" If they do not, then find someone else. If they do give you a number then go to the ICCRC website and check if they have any complaints registered against them.

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I also got the mail from conproma today regarding my job offer and they we're saying three months probation period and all. And also written that visa and tickets arrangements from company. They had attached some interview form for which they requires a valid reply from my side . whether it is trust worthy to proceed?

thank you sir james... my wife and i are very happy from you response... we appreciate it a lot thanks again...

Dear sir ,

This is John . Let me know CANADIM .
Because ,  they called and tolled me I passed the assessment and they are willing to help me... how can i be sure of this is registered representative or not .

Who can helping me .

Regards ,

Canadim is a firm of immigration lawyers based in Montreal. is their website.

Did you send in an application to them for immigration to Canada ??

If you did not then I suspect that this could be a scam. Scammers fraudulently use the company website to get you interested.

They then ask you to send them money for the application. You will never see the money again.

Hi is CNADIM is a legit? Or scam?

Hi Jayfuller,

Legit, they have a website and you can check the lawyer's name.

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