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Immigrating to Quebec
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To reside permanently in Quebec, you must meet many selection criteria. These criteria are at the discretion of the Quebec and Canadian governments. Here is an overview of the formalities to be completed.

If you are selected by Quebec to immigrate as a permanent resident of Canada, the local authorities will issue you a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ). This official document issued by the Quebec government allows you to proceed to the final step of obtaining permanent residence. Please note that the selection decision by Quebec, which is certified by the CSQ, is valid for 24 months or until a decision on the permanent residence is made at the federal level.

Being selected by a Canadian province gives you a better chance of obtaining permanent residence. As for the provinces, they can choose the candidates that best match the labour market and the immediate needs of the provincial economy.

Steps to follow

To obtain a CSQ under the Regular Skilled Worker Program, you must apply online at the Arrima portal of the Quebec Ministry of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion (MIDI). A fee of 798 $ C for the principal applicant and 171 $ C for the spouse and each dependent child of the principal applicant must be paid.

Once the department begins handling your application, you will receive a personalized list of documents to provide. You will have three months to send these documents. The Ministry will ask you for proof of identity as well as proof of your personal, professional and family situation.

To apply for a CSQ through the Quebec Experience Program (PEQ), you must send your application by mail to the following address:
Quebec Experience Program
Ministry of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion
285 Notre-Dame Street West, 4th Floor
Montreal, Quebec H2Y 1T8

The fees for a CSQ application via PEQ are 785 $ for the principal applicant and 168 $ for the spouse, common-law partner and each child of the principal applicant. The list of documents required for the application of CSQ via PEQ is indicated in the application form on the MIDI website. It varies depending on whether you are a Quebec graduate or a worker.

People who obtain a CSQ while already in Quebec with a valid temporary residence permit can extend their stay in Quebec a lot easier. Others must continue the process of getting permanent residence, by applying with the federal government, before coming to Quebec.


The CSQ is neither a visa nor a work permit.

For business people, your application for permanent selection will be evaluated by the Registration and Benchmarking Branch and then by the Business Services Department of the Economic Immigration Branch of MIDI.

Obtaining permanent residence

After obtaining your CSQ, you must submit an application for permanent residence at the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), in the category of skilled workers selected by Quebec. At that time, you must present your CSQ, in addition to the other required documents.

To obtain permanent residence, you must also undergo a paid medical examination with a designated physician. You will receive information about this once CIC has received your complete application. If your state of health or that of one of the persons accompanying you to Quebec represents a risk or a burden to Canada, your application for permanent residence may be rejected.
Once the federal government has accepted your application, you must have the permanent resident visa affixed to your passport at the Canadian Embassy in your area. You can also do it by post. Citizens of some countries that have an agreement with Canada, such as France, do not need a visa and simply receive a letter called "Confirmation of Permanent Residence". Once in Canada, you will need to provide an address to CIC to obtain your Permanent Resident Card.

The different categories

CSQ applications can be submitted in three different programs: Business People, Regular Program for Skilled Workers (PRTQ) and the Quebec Experience Program (PEQ). The PEQ is divided into two categories: Quebec Graduates and Specialized Temporary Foreign Workers. The program for business people is divided into three categories: the Entrepreneurs Program, the Self-Employed Program and the Investors Program. To learn more about each of these programs, visit the MIDI website. In all three cases, you will need to make a start-up deposit and/or a security deposit and have a clear business plan.

The conditions for obtaining the CSQ vary according to the category in which you submit your application. The applications of skilled workers in the regular program are evaluated according to a points system. The procedure is more straightforward and faster for applications filed in the category of Quebec experience. Also, be aware that the program for business people is subject to quotas and that applications can only be made on specific dates. To know these quotas and dates, see the MIDI website.

Candidates with intermediate level in French language both in oral expression and oral comprehension, as demonstrated by the presentation of a standardized test recognized by the Ministry, can submit their application at any time.

All applicants must be able to support themselves and their families for a minimum of three months from the date of obtaining permanent resident status. Besides, holders of a CSQ agree to settle in Québec, and not in another province of Canada, once permanent residence has been obtained.

Permanent resident status gives the candidate the same rights as any Canadian citizen, except for the right to vote and to obtain a Canadian passport. These rights may be granted to the applicant after they have spent at least 1,095 days in the five years preceding the application in Canada and have been a permanent resident if applying for Canadian citizenship.

Good to know:

If your family members, whether your spouse or children, are still abroad and you plan to bring them to Quebec, make sure you have registered them in advance on your application for permanent residence.


You will not be eligible for the PEQ if you have obtained an open work permit by accompanying an international student or a temporary worker in Quebec.

The cost of an application for permanent residence in Quebec

For a single person, the average cost of an application for permanent residence is approximately 2,000 $ CAD. These fees consist of CSQ application fees, CIC permanent residency fees - 550 $ C in January 2019 ' and fees for the right of permanent residence - 490 $ C in June 2019 -.

All applicants must also have a medical examination, the cost of which varies according to the country in which the visit is made. Plus, there are additional fees for the family members accompanying the principal applicant ' some fees are required for the CSQ, but there are also some other fees that need to be paid at the federal level.

Besides, according to your profile, you will have to pay a translation fee for your documents - if these are not written in English or French -, fees for language tests and for obtaining administrative documents such as a birth certificate or an extract from a criminal record.

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