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Quebec's labour market
In Quebec, the labour market is doing rather well: in 2018, the number of jobs increased by 0.9% while the unemployment rate was around 5.5%, according to data from the Quebec Institute of Statistics.
Working in Quebec
Quebec is one of the most dynamic provinces in Canada. The number and weight of immigrants are increasing year after year in Quebec society. Your level of English and French, your perseverance, your network and your qualifications will help you make a difference in the job market.
Setting up a business in Quebec
Quebec is known to be a region that favors small and medium-sized businesses. Many immigrants come to set up their own businesses there, already possessing some kind of expertise that they intend to exploit. Others do it because it's part of their travel and immigration project.
Working in Canada
You have several options if you want to work in Canada: you can find a job in Canada from abroad, be in a relationship with a person who goes to study or work in Canada with a valid permit, apply for a job in Canada in one of the three components of the International Experience Canada (IEC) program or apply for permanent residence.
Working and studying in Canada
Once in Canada, you can study and work at the same time. Here are some conditions that must be respected.
Starting a business in Canada
To start a business in Canada as an expatriate, you must determine whether you are licensed to own and operate a business in the country. You should also check your immigration status with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship of Canada.
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