Chemistry Jobs in Canada - Quebec or Any province

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Thank you for sparing time to go through my ad. I am Skilled Worker Immigrant. I have completed my Master of Science in Chemistry from South Korea. I am looking for job in the pharmaceutical industry or any other relevant sector - Entry Level Position . I will much appreciate any advice or referral in this regard please.

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Hello Bhatti,

You will probably be much better off asking your questions on the Canada Forum where you'll get responses from people who are actually living there, don't you think?

If you look at the bottom of the main forum page you'll see a list of countries with their flags. Those are the icons that take you to their national forums.

William James Woodward, Expat-blog Experts Team

Be careful with Quebec.  A bunch of frenchies there.

Thanks for the reply. I will browse it the way suggested.

Thanks for the kind concern.

I suggest you to apply for Jubilant life sciences in delhi ( gajraula plant in UP)

Better try to evaluate your qualifications to know that what are equivalent qualifications from Canada, so that you can mention those in your resume so that Canadian recruiters don't find a problem in evaluating you nicely. Please go to the below mentioned websites and create a account in those you will soon receive new job offers in pharma from all Canadian companies. … -tech-jobs … ario&lg=en … 01703.html

For any further assistance you can always contact me ! Goodbye :)