How to find a job in Quebec

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Updated 2019-05-27 09:35

Quebec is one of the most dynamic provinces in Canada. The number and weight of immigrants are increasing year after year in Quebec society. Your level of English and French, your perseverance, your network and your qualifications will help you make a difference in the job market.

Where to start your job search

Montreal and Quebec City have the most significant number of job offers, but you can also find a job in one of the province's different regions. Trois-Rivières, Sherbrooke, Saint-Hyacinthe, Drummondville, Lévis, Blainville-Sainte-Thérèse, Granby, Chicoutimi and Rimouski, for example, are dynamic, medium-sized cities in which competition for jobs is less fierce than in Montreal and Quebec City. Find out more in the article about the labour market in Quebec. You will also find information on immigration procedures in the article Work Visas in Quebec.

Useful resources in Quebec

Once your Quebec work permits are in your pocket, you can get started in your job search. Some community and government agencies offer job search assistance. Here is an overview:

Local Employment Centers (LECs)

Some 150 LECs are distributed throughout Quebec. These centres, which depend on the Quebec Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Solidarity, offer a wide range of services to Quebec residents looking for work. At the LECs nearest to your home, you can search for job offers and resources on different jobs, and you can also use the computers, telephones, fax machines and printers available there. Some advisors will guide you if you need help writing your resume or using the various tools. There are also group information sessions and workshops on various themes that are also regularly organized. LECs staff can refer you to other job search agencies, depending on your profile. Be aware that there are government programs that subsidize jobs for specific categories of workers, such as youth, visible minorities and new permanent residents.

Aid agencies for newcomers

There are more than 100 community organizations that are in charge of welcoming and helping newcomers to Quebec. If you do not know where to find them, you can contact the town hall of your city of residence or use the search tool of the Quebec Ministry of Immigration.

The skills of these organizations are many: counsellors can help you find housing, enrol your children in school, offer workshops on life in Quebec and, of course, support you in your job search. Their services are free of charge and generally open to everyone. In Montreal, some agencies reserve their services to only a single immigrant category, such as women, or a single issue, such as job search.

Searching by yourself

If you wish to get a contract from abroad or to take the necessary steps by yourself, be aware that Emploi Québec's online placement website is the reference in Quebec to find a job. You can also check the classic websites such as Indeed, Linkedin, and the chambers of commerce and industry and economic missions of your home country that are based in Quebec. Feel free to submit your resume online to specialized recruitment agencies.

In Montreal and Quebec City, but also in smaller cities like Trois-Rivières and Sherbrooke, you will find employment agencies where you can hand in your resume in person. You can also use the business directory or walk around your new city to identify the companies you would like to work for. Do not be afraid to enter to submit your CV or to ask for contact from the person in charge of recruiting: this is very common in Quebec.

Develop your professional network in Quebec

"Networking" is still the best way to get a job. In fact, only 20% of job offers in Quebec are published in the press or on the Internet. The remaining 80% of the offers go through word-of-mouth, spontaneous applications or direct solicitations from companies.

Develop your network by sharing your situation with your friends and neighbours and participate in various events in your city, so that you can meet new people. Some community organizations also offer to find a mentor who works in your field to help you develop your network and your local knowledge. Volunteering is also an excellent way to dig a hole: you will make new friends, and employers will appreciate that you already have experience in Quebec. Do not hesitate to leave your contact details as soon as you have the opportunity. If an employer is interested, he will call you back.

As for your resume, try to adapt it to Quebec standards as best as you can. The Quebec CV follows the Anglo-Saxon model: it is detailed and can extend over two or even three pages. It is also recommended to include the contact details of former employers or former professors. Ask for a comparative evaluation of studies that you did outside Quebec from the Department of Immigration and Cultural Communities or try to match your educational and academic background with Quebec standards.

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