Wanted to move to quebec

I am from India working as Mechanical engineer having 8 years of work experience. Can you suggest whether Quebec is better place to migrate in CANADA.

If intend to work in the public sector and want to enjoy freedom of religious expression, then Quebec may not be the place for you http://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2013 … treal.html

Also, except for Montreal (where it is bi-lingual) and Gatineau (because its just next door to Ottawa), if you reside anywhere else in Quebec, French is a necessity, period!!!

But apart from that, Montreal is a nice city and very immigrant friendly. Prices of home are more reasonable there and public transportation (as in the rail transit) is reliable.

Also don't forget that getting work permit or Permanent Resident for residing / working in Quebec is different from any other provinces in Canada.

How about getting jobs in Quebec for mechanical engineers compared to rest of Canada.Moreover,my spouse had applied for Quebec PR and waiting for CSQ interview.Quebec Immigration taking long time to process the application.
any suggestion's