Looking for job opportunity in Quebec


i am currently living in India, and i am looking for job opportunity in Quebec, can someone kindly guide me how to get in to the country... i applied for PR in the month of July-2013 and received my file no. please suggest me weather i should wait for my PR or can i try an employment opportunity?

now i am a CIBTAC(UK) certified esthetician and working as an all rounder(Skin and Hair) in Salon and Spa industry from past 8 years, so do i get any job in my field in Quebec?

waiting for a valuable reply..... :)

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Hi Smsindia,I am sorry to be so blunt about my province Quebec however, there are some things you should know (1) you need to learn French .Your children or future children will have to attend French schools .Nothing wrong with that however the present government is the party  Quebecois  which is a separatist government that wants to separate from the rest of Canada .(2) taxes are very high  (3)   work is hard to find  but  most of all, I see certain freedoms I have always been used to  disappearing on a daily basis .My heart is saddened to have to say these things about   my Quebec in which I was born 64 years ago. Smsindia you will face many challenges where ever you go  but to be happy in life is most important .Think long and hard to decide where. Best regards, Bobby