What kind of salary can I expect?

Hi guys!

I'm a kindergarten and primary school teacher from Portugal with a bacherlor and a master degree on those fields. Unfortunatly because of the situation of my country I never worked in the field so the only experience that I have are the internships. I speak english, french, spanish and portuguese.

I would like to know what salary can I expect as a kindergarten teacher or a primary teacher in Canada and if I would be able to have a confortable life (living not surviving).

Thank you very much  for your help :)

Hello Nyamin,

It depends on the province you want to live in. Salaries vary.
You can find information about salaries here : https://www.livingin-canada.com/salarie … chers.html

Hope that helps :)

Thank you very much.  :)

La problématique ne sera certainement pas le salaire mais la possibilité d'exercer votre métier. (reconnaissance des diplômes)

My qualifications is civil engineer with 9 year experience i m apply for  pr in Quebec now i am locking for job to strengthening my process i am expecting salary is 5000 per month