Need to send the CSQ. My spouse Canadian

We already have a case. My spouse is Canadian citizen. He sent an application for me:


Spouse: S*** M***


Can you help me with this document?

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Hello cisimmigration,

Welcome on board !

In which country do you live or are you right now ?




I nees to send CSQ for my Spouse.  I really dont know if I have to pay again at arrima...

are u there? .. I think you dont have the services I need.  Thanks

Hello Cisimmigration,

Your husband wants to sponsor you, is that right ?

Please note that the team is not always online. We rely on members to help you.

Have you gone through this : … pplication



Thanks for your response.   I already have a case. My spouse already apply for me for federal area .. but we will live in Quebec... so the Embassy request me a CSQ.  I have gone though  the page but I really dont understand.  I dont know if I have to apply to arrima... or to the page you send me. 

I rally appreciate if you can help us.  Do you know where to find this form--. or I have to pay more for this process?