Work Visa, spouse is in other country. How to move togather

Hello, if any one can help, i shall be really thankful.

scenerio is, that:

I live and work in Europe and my wife is in North Africa.

I got job contract in canada. how to process depandant visa for her. so that we can move togather to canda. Is it possible ?

is there any way ?

Kindly let me know


Hello Abdul_Sammad,

Till members guide you, feel free to read the following : … ldren.html

All the best


Many thanks Bhavna,

But it doesnt contain any information regarding my situation, i have gone through all the info available on official websites, thats why i have asked if someone has personal expereince that husband and wife are is in different countries. But they want to move and travel togather. Depandent Visa etc. are for future once one is there.

Anyways thanks :)