Oman Police Clearance Certificate for Student VISA and Work Permit

Hello everyone, I am Indraneel from India.  I have worked in Oman for over 6 months. Now I have been accepted by a public research university in Canada for higher studies. I am about to apply for TRV and Study Permit. Now I might be asked to provided PCC from Oman regarding which I have the following questions:

a. I have read Oman-PCC can be applied over postal-mail. Generally how long does it take to receive the PCC from ROP (Royal Omani Police) ?

b. Is the PCC in Arabic or English?

c. Is it true ROP process a PCC application only if there is an official letter of request from the concerned VISA-Immigartion department/company?
If yes, is the letter sent to ROP directly by Canadian VISA-Immigration department/ company  or they send it to you which you enclose in your application package and send to ROP?

d.  Is it true the PCC finally received from ROP needs to be further attested by the "Ministry of Foreign Affairs"?
     If yes, then how can you get it done from outside Oman? Will the Oman embassy in Canada or India       take care of that?

e.Some sites say fingerprints need to be provided with application. Is there any validity-duration for the fingerprints?
If I avail the fingerprinting services of some private company , do I need to get it attested from local police station before forwarding it to ROP?

I think if  the last time you stayed in a certain country was over 10 years back, then you need not provide PCC for the particular country. But  anyway, that's not my case. I have  be ready to provide one, sooner or later. Any help , any input would be highly appreciated. 

Thank you :)

what did you do?
I am facing a similar situation and have the same questions. Let me know what you ended up doing?

@imukherjee86 Hi there, I saw your enquiry about Qatar Police Clearance Certificate, I asked one of my colleagues and he suggested contacting Stephanie from an agency called Afreno.